“Help! Help! We’re Being Oppressed!”

It’s little wonder that the Conservatives manage to raise greater amounts of donations from the hardcore party faithful seeing as they’re absolutely shameless when it comes to making feverish, hysterical pleas for money on any premise whatsoever (often entirely manufactured and phony — impending destruction of western civilization, etc.).

Even though prideful boasts that their war chest is brimming with so much money they can hardly spend it fast enough have been widely reported, they’re now shrieking with bellicose alarm about the “undemocratic coup” being staged by those nefarious thugs in the opposition and beseeching diehard partisans to immediately cough up “emergency donations of $200 or $100” (forget those paltry nickel and dime Obama-like contributions — this is WAR!!!).

Well, it’s not like you really wanted to spend that money on Xmas gifts for the grandkids, is it? Poor Stevie needs your tax deductible donations — NOW! That high-tech war room, massive pre-writ spending sprees and non-stop, year-round negative advertising doesn’t pay for itself you know!

29 Replies to ““Help! Help! We’re Being Oppressed!””

  1. It won’t, of course, but it will help underwrite their advertising blitz they’ll be launching to whip up popular opposition against it and also to prepare for the next election that Harper would just loooooove to have as soon as possible.

  2. It won’t, of course, but it will help underwrite their advertising blitz…

    More importantly, it’ll keep funding Irving Gerstein’s and all the other political entrepreneur’s salaries.

    This whole thing is just a scam. Harper and the caucus might understand that it’s a necessary scam, but the courtiers really are only look out for themselves.

  3. Sad part is that it will probably work. I’m sure they must be rubbing their hands with glee about being able to shake down contributors for a massive new infusion of cash. It’s all about the money… and the power, of course.

  4. Sad part is that it will probably work.

    Oh, of course it’ll work. A lot of people see a lot of value in this drama and the idea that they’re helping to *stick it to liberals/lefties/socialists/separatists/Ontarians/Torontonians/gays/feminazis/visible minorities/frogs/wogs/etc.* has a lot of appeal.

    But I think most of us are tired of this shrieking nonsense, which is all the Conservative war chest has facilitated these last three years.

  5. And don’t forget kiddies, that $100 donation to the Conservative Party is 75% tax deductible – the governemtn will give you $75 back at tax time! So the Conservative Party gets $100, but it costs you only $25. The Government give the rest!

    Now, lets put an end to this $1.90 per vote campaign welfare and stop the Liberals from doing what the Constitution allows them too.

    I mean what kind of party are you if you have to rely on government subsides for your funding?


  6. There’s certainly a whole pile of rancorous vitriol coming from the Tory faithful, but that’s nothing new. Do they ever do anything else? Like the Republicans, even when they’re IN power, they seem cranky and dyspeptic… perennially aggrieved and victimized. It’s what they do.

  7. This would also be a good time to think about telling Harper to resign as PM and Tory leader. Hell, he isn’t even a Tory so why keep him around?

  8. Perhaps the coalition government will pass legislation outlawing party character assassination and political shreiking advertising … at least outside of election campaigns.

  9. Meanwhile, over in Liberalland, we’re still waiting for the superbly-crafted appeals, taking advantage of the best fundraising opportunity we’ve had in 20 years, to start rolling in.

    What’s LPC doing? Right, NOTHING, as usual.

  10. Amazing isn’t it – the CPC has accepted the $1.95 funding since, what 2003 – for 5 years now. Hmm…if they thought it so objectionable, why did they accept it for “5” years?

  11. I just read another site – CAITI and it has a photo of Dion and Layton….and one commenter mentioned they were both wearing purple ties and wondered if this is the new colour for the coalition government (in fun).

    That’s what is worrying the CPC – the purple people eaters are gonna get them. They could be hiding under your bed or in your closet and they going to destroy the colour blue in Canada.

    Beward of the purple people eaters – send in your truth dollars.

  12. Nah , this part was better …Layton also says about the Bloc: “Nothing could be better for our country than to have 50 members who have been elected to separate Quebec…actually helping to make Canada a better place.”

  13. I think it was Friday I laughed at Gilles being Captain Canada , wow , just wow .

    If you ever bothered to pay attention, the Bloc hasn’t been undermining the federal government….it simply refuses to participate all that much in anything that doesn’t address Quebec. I seem to remember a certain Western protest party that was slightly less principled. And now Mr “Canada is a Northern Welfare State in the Worst sense of the Term”, Mr. Firewall, Mr. “Let’s Invade Iraq! ” is captain Canada?

    The Bloc might be opportunistic, but the Conservatives are hypocrites.

  14. I smell desperation with this newest attack.

    I caught Pierre Poilievre make a total ass of himself on CBC Newsworld. The desperate conservatives released this tape as “news”! They were invited to listen in on an NDP caucus meeting and they think they found a scandal? As if Layton would reveal some big dark secret knowing the CPC were listening in.

    Poilievre’s speechifying included some real gems.
    His spin was the Bloc (or should I say SEPARATISTS) and NDP have been conducting “secret shady meetings” to reverse the election results in their quest for a MASSIVE power grab.

    I sure hope it was caught on YouTube because it is so over-the-top you can’t help but laugh. What a weasel.

    Also go vote for coalition:


  15. Kev
    November 30, 2008 at 10:53 am
    Meanwhile, over in Liberalland, we’re still waiting for the superbly-crafted appeals, taking advantage of the best fundraising opportunity we’ve had in 20 years, to start rolling in.

    What’s LPC doing? Right, NOTHING, as usual.

    I donated another $100. on Friday because of the Lib. appeal.

  16. BY — Agreed. Aside from the political gamesmanship, what has driven me up the wall about the Conservatives since they got re-elected is their endless flip-flopping and contradictory messages. They never seem to know one day to the next what they’re doing and no sooner have they said one thing than it suddenly becomes “inoperative” and is replaced by something else. Even if they stuck to one line… at least we’d know where things stand. But nobody trusts Lyin’ Jim and everyone suspects Harper’s motives. Not a good combination.

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