“No More Sitting on Our Hands”

Good. It’s about time.

Make or break, Libs… If you take a fall on this one, you’ll effectively be signing your own death warrant.

Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff, the presumed front runner in the race to succeed Mr. Dion, and his main rival, Bob Rae, refused to speculate about the impact a defeat of the government might have on their leadership aspirations. But both used uncompromising language to denounce the fiscal update.

“One step at a time. But I will tell you that I’ve got ice-water in my veins on this one,” Mr. Ignatieff said in an interview.

“I’m utterly unintimidated and undeterred by this stuff and the caucus is in the same mood . . . . [Harper] has misread the mood if he thinks that the Liberal caucus is going to cave on this matter. No way. No way.”

Similarly, Mr. Rae said the Tories are “deliberately creating a political crisis in order to avoid dealing with an economic crisis.” He said there’s “no public policy benefit at all” to the move to scrap public subsidies for parties.

“It’s just absolute bloody-minded meanness that’s motivating them and it can’t be allowed to stand.”

Trust the Conservatives to leverage an economic crisis for partisan political advantage. How about putting “country first” (to ironically borrow a phrase from John McCain) and just getting on with measures that will help mitigate the effects of the downturn rather than crassly seeking to opportunistically undermine one’s political opponents.



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42 responses to ““No More Sitting on Our Hands”

  1. Robert Gibbs

    Pull together, manage a coalition, and get rid of these Harper CON F***ERS!!!

  2. Edward

    If we go to election, I wonder if we can get Chretien to lead us into the next election and let the leadership race continue in the background!

  3. I will say to all Liberal MPs to vote on the economic update/budget. I do not want to see any abstentions or absences. If any Liberal wants to vote with the Conservatives, that is fine. If my own Liberal MP wants to vote with the Conservatives, that is also fine. However, I will not vote for any coward who abstains or is absent without just cause such as being sick in the hospital. I do hope that all Liberal MPs will vote against the Conservative government on the economic update/budget.

  4. Fair enough. But what about NDP MPs that vote with the Conservative government on this?

  5. R

    “No more sitting on our hands” isn’t really a word.

  6. Huh? It’s an expession, not a “word”… What the hell are you talking about?

  7. R

    Ignatieff: “In a word, no more sitting on our hands”.

    That word has 6 words.

    Also, to stay with my nitpicking theme, who describes themself as having icewater in their veins? Aren’t you just supposed to act that way, and have others describe you as such?

  8. Harper’s really lost his marbles this time. This really surprised me, since I’m sure he was aware of the implications of this.

    Not lost his marbles, babbling in a straight jacket like.

    However to try to force an election 2 months after we had one is perhaps three times as sick-crazy as anything he’s tried before.

  9. Check out my new book blog! Sorry…

  10. R — Ah, I see now. 🙂

  11. Bill D. Cat

    Do the Libs update their fundraising numbers , or is it left to EC ?

  12. Um… Nice position the Liberals are in right now. Demand that the Conservative Government provide a new stimulus package, then attack the Conservatives for going into deficit. Besides that, what an appalling move by Harper today.

  13. Bill D. Cat

    Poorly phrased ^ … Do the Libs disclose updated fundraising stats ?

  14. Bill — I believe that all the parties report their fundraising activities to EC on a quarterly basis.

    What’s you’re point?

  15. Uh oh Harper, John Ivison over at the Nation Post just said, bad move. That must of been tough for John.

  16. Bill D. Cat

    If they can’t raise money NOW , they are well and truly screwed . Someone in Libdom , I’m guessing , is keeping a very close eye on the donation situation this weekend . If donations continue as usual ( not well ) , it’s back to abstainarama come Monday . If donations show a substantial increase though ……. things will get interesting .

  17. Hah. I just finished reading Don Martin’s scathing assessment
    at the NP…

  18. Bill — Things don’t quite work like that.

  19. I read that earlier. Don throws some punches at the Conservatives now and then, but John, very, very seldom write’s something negative Harper and Co.

    Harper just messed up big time, if that is what being written at the NP.

  20. Bill D. Cat

    All I’m suggesting is that your side needs a swift kick in the ass , fundraising-wise . You all going broke serves no purpose . If this doesn’t energize the base , so to speak , nothing will .

  21. Your side needs a swift kick in the ass Bill, WTF is wrong with Harper? I just lost a bunch money on my stocks and this is what he is thinking about?

  22. Bill D. Cat

    Did I imply I agree with this in any way shape or form ?

  23. Gayle

    That’s good to know Bill. I guess you will be mailing your donation to the LPC in any day now then. 😉

  24. Bill D. Cat

    Heh , only if you keep Dion as leader . This isn’t the time for this shit , these games would have been better played at a later date .

  25. My mistake Bill, I’m sure you are appalled.

  26. Speaking of crassly seeking to opportunistically undermine one’s political opponents…


  27. Bill D. Cat

    I may hate most things Liberal , thanks to Cretien et al , but if you guys fold , Canada is finished .

  28. Bill — If the Conservatives are concerned about saving money, might I suggest they reimburse the taxpayers for all of the 10-percenters that they flooded Canadians with in the two months running up to their last phony election. They should also pay us back for the $300 million that they wasted on that fraudulent, utterly pointless exercise.

  29. Bill D. Cat

    You understand far better than I , how pointless reimbursing the taxpayers sounds , for money wasted on pointless , fraudulent exercises .

  30. Bill D. Cat

    That wasn’t an insult , you’ve been doing this longer than I have .

  31. So spake the Globe and Mail:

    “By destabilizing their own government, the Conservatives have placed Canada at a competitive disadvantage against other states. Through gratuitous partisanship, they have turned an economic crisis into a political one.”

    A remarkable editorial considering that the Globe and Mail’s endorsement of Harper last election was titled; “Harper is growing into the job”.

    Paul Wells and Rob Russo (Canadian Press) think that Harper will back down. I don’t think a coalition is wise either, considering the mess that the Liberals are in and ther reliance of the Bloc to prop it up. That being said, I think Harper severely damaged his reputation today. I can now picture anyone of the three Liberal leadership contenders becoming PM by next election. Amazing. (Then again, maybe I have eaten to much thanksgiving turkey tonight… sleepy.)

  32. DSC

    Heh… Blues Clair, thanks to this, I can see Dion becoming interim PM of a coalition government, with NDP and, dare I say, Bloc cabinet ministers…

    Wow, good job Harpo! Never thought I’d live to see the day… the left united, Bloc members in cabinet… Dion in the PMs chair. You’ve now made that a very real (albeit unlikely) possibility!

    Now all we Grits need to do is pick up our fund raising efforts, and for the Alberta Liberal party to finally realize that they’ll win more votes attacking the Torries than Dippers, and I’ll swear I’ve fallen through a hole into an alternate reality!

    Looks like fun politics over the next few days, boys and girls!

  33. Reg

    The coalition isn’t going to happen. Bloc cabinet ministers? I would guess enough Liberals will be absent for the votes to let it pass. It’s simple math. Take a $7 million hit in April and actually do some serious fund-raising or take a $20 million hit on another election and take three years to get out of that hole. It’s a shame more people are not looking at this as the opportunity it really is. It forces all parties to get serious about fund-raising which is nothing more than getting people involved in the political process.

  34. Bill — I was being facetious, of course. It was a parody of the standard kind of line that generally comes from Conservatives who seem to think that they’re personally having their pockets picked by the government.

  35. Ryan R

    Every once in a while, Stephen Harper lets his pathological hatred of the Liberal party and his desire to utterly destroy it get in the way of sound policy and strategy. This is most certainly one of those times. A boneheaded move on Harper’s part – he’s backed the opposition into a corner on this one, leaving them (the Liberals and the Bloc, anyway, who receive about 2/3 of their funds from public financing) with quite literally no choice but to vote against this update.

  36. Kind of a silly arument about using “word”. Haven’t you ever asked someone if you could have a “word” with them when you plan to have a little discussion?

    Chretien as interim leader – interesting.

  37. Ryan R

    Oh, and one more thing, to those who rule out a coalition simply because of the Bloc factor:

    Gilles Duceppe has always maintained he will never enter into a coalition to govern Canada, as he has no interest in governing Canada. But that doesn’t mean he and his party would vote to bring down a coalition government. A Liberal-NDP coalition could survive any and all confidence votes so long as it had the support of the Bloc, which given the ideological alignment of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc, probably would not be terribly difficult to get (unless the Bloc shot up in the polls, then all bets would be off).

    There are many reasons why a coalition government may not come to pass, but complications due to the inclusion of a separatist party in the coalition is definitely not one of them.

  38. An, but Duceppe could be the Quebec wing for now of a coalition government.

    A temporary, emergency measure – to save his precious Quebec.

  39. Interesting times ahead…

    It’s not like Harper to back down, but he’s been flip-flopping so much these days, who knows?

  40. Did anyone ever find out if taxpayers pay for Harper’s makeup lady, and if so, is he going to give her up and comb his own hair?

  41. Carrie

    A thought occurred to me about the latest Harper/Flaherty moves. I don’t think they have the first clue what to do for the economy or to govern during this time, and they’re scared. I think they want their government to fall, so that recovery is on the head of some other party. Then, when it’s all over, the next election they can claim any pains were the fault of those in charge.

    Maybe far fetched but I could see Harper thinking this way. Worst manipulation of Canada ever by a PM but that’s Harper.

  42. Jay

    Is Harper ditching his psychic primper to save cash?

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