10 Replies to “michael”

  1. I thought Jason had thrown in the towel. His last post was Oct. 15th.

    Kind of funny to see all of the Liberal bloggers coming out for one candidate or other… Personally, I’m reserving my judgment until I see some of the debates. Committing now seems premature.

  2. That’s the beauty of premature commitment! You get to bask in the emotional afterglow that much sooner. As the process unwinds, you get to commit over and over and over again. If you win, the orgasmic bliss is that much higher.

    If you don’t win, you still had the premature excitement bliss. Everybody is happy, gets to have a smoke, and join in the group cuddle.

  3. Watching is less enjoyable (and potentially off putting or revolting). The fun is all in the participation. But it has to be your thing.

    See, the metaphor still fits (you prude)!

  4. Don’t take this personally ladies , I look down on everyone .
    Dude in the background looks like he’s rubbing one out .

  5. He stopped blogging, but he is apparently shilling for Iggy now…although I have never been a Liberal or even supported the Liberals ever, I got two emails from JC in a matter of a few minutes wanting me to join with The Count in his bid to lead the Libs…

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