Dilbert® Isn’t Funny Anymore


Yes, I know… absolutely shocking, isn’t it? Not that I’m turning into the Comics Curmudgeon or anything, but it seems that Dilbert has become increasingly irrelevant and rather annoying. How sad.

For all his brilliant, incisive wit, Scott Adams just seems to be “phoning it in” these days and recycling mordant, utterly tedious office-related humour that appeared bright and crisp ten years ago, but now has all the acerbic bite of a “Family Circle” cartoon or other such wearisome, syndicated retreads that purport to be amusing distractions in the “funny pages” of our daily dog trainers.


15 Replies to “Dilbert® Isn’t Funny Anymore”

  1. While we are at it. what is the point of Hi and Lois? It is soooo 50’s, and not funny. And For Better of Worse has restarted the strip from 20 years ago. I think these cartoonists burn out after a couple of years, but the money is too good to turn down. I miss Herman…

    Best Herman…Herman has his kids’ school teacher in a head-lock, with the caption, “You told my kid I was a homo-sapien!”

  2. I don’t know. To be honest, I always found the comics page of the newspaper to be utterly baffling. I presumed it was supposed to be funny, but oddly… it wasn’t. Ever. That was weird. And this strange disconnect between what was purported to be “funny” and actual humour persisted… FOREVER.

  3. Well, I, for one, think you are always better off waiting for Ted’s input. The WHOLE WORLD would be better off if they waited for Ted’s input.

    (BTW, re “dialling it in” – these big comic writers aren’t just dialling it in, they are like the Old Masters with many apprentices doing all of the creative art and copy work. Adams may sign off on the final product, but he may not even be doing that. Worse, check out the websites of the big comics like Dilbert or Doonesbury: the comic itself is not even secondary but tertiary to the website and its ad $ generation.)

  4. I’d agree with that, Nancy is easily the worst comic ever. She only has about three “jokes”, they are all inherently sexist and misogynist, and none of them are humorous.

    Having never worked in an office, Dilbert never appealed to me in the least…

    Give me Monty [ex-Robotman], I find that consistently funny…

  5. Well, when I did work in an office back in the day, Dilbert was pretty funny (in that “funny ‘cause it’s true, sort of way), but I think all of the insights into that particular cul de sac of life have long since been exhausted.

  6. I think RT’s last comment sums it up. I too recall Dilbert being funny. He came of age during a time when the new “corporate” personality was coming of age in the 80’s. So everyone in that atmosphere could relate to the new diverse, work-force, success-by-book, and latest “team” and “quality” philosophy. The emergence of the new technology-driven office in which the 20 somethings understood the systems vastly better than many of their “superiors” also added an entirely new element of humour to the gen-x’ers, then y’ers.

    But the reality is that’s all dried up now. There is probably a gap for this humour. I can picture a late 20’s gopher with 3 room-mates twittering away ; ) a world of angst and wit about how his lame boss was lamenting the loss of equity in her vacation home prior to the teleconference. He doesn’t realize he’s sitting on a gold mine.

  7. “To be honest, I always found the comics page of the newspaper to be utterly baffling. I presumed it was supposed to be funny, but oddly… it wasn’t. Ever.”

    Amen. I’m a big fan of http://www.xkcd.com. Some of their stuff is just random and wacky, some of it is really only funny for grad students to which I can (un)luckily relate, but some of it is just hilarious for anyone in the age of internet, IM, myspace, etc.

  8. Hey, take a look at this new business cartoon site:www.gotomarkett.com.

    It has vast scope for improvement, and its pretty new, what do you think?

  9. Some were practical, of course, but others were psychological and emotional.
    I believe my exact words were “I don’t want to be your dirty little secret. They feature almost nightly drink specials and some form of entertainment every night of the week–DJ’s, live music, trivia, you name it.

  10. I agree. I got a Dilbert desk calendar this year and read ahead.. Im into Feb and thus far, boring. Not one true laugh…or even chuckle.

  11. I think finding Dilbert funny is rather subjective. To me I find Dilbert hilarious, but that is because I am in an industry that directly mirrors the sort of ridiculous scenarios Dilbert finds himself in regularly.

    Actually part of my job is specifically training the absurd behaviorism out of employees that is seen through Dilberts boss and co-workers.

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