Rae Campaign Launch

As most everyone knows by now, Bob Rae will be launching his campaign today. The news conference is being opened up to “bloggers of every Liberal persuasion” (even Warren Kinsella). Should be interesting.

Update: Good questions and answers in the conference call. My question was one of the last and seeing as they were running out of time, I just asked if Bob was in favour of OMOV. The answer: “Yes, very much so. I’m strongly in favour of that.” Good. Now, I wonder what Ignatieff’s position is on this issue…

Oh, and here’s his new website (nothing to write home about, it has to be said).

8 Replies to “Rae Campaign Launch”

  1. Judging by the comments generated on this thread, the excitement for Mr. Rae’s leadership launch is strong.

    Jokes aside, it was a impressive launch, judging by what I saw on CTV. The man knows how give a speech.

  2. If he knows how to convince Conservative voters in Saskatchewan to vote Liberal, he’ll win the next election. If he doesn’t manage to do that, he shouldn’t be the next Liberal leader.

  3. Conservatives in Saskatchewan? Aren’t they all like Kate McMillan?

    I don’t want them in the Liberal Party. Or rather, I don’t want the Liberal Party to feel they have to appeal to people like Kate McMillan.

  4. Strangely enough I believe Bob Rae, the populist egghead from Commie Toronto, potentially has that ability saskboy. Then again I thought Stephane Dion had the potential to be Prime Minister.

  5. Looks like a great launch.

    But how does the blogger question and answer jive with Rae’s position on the Ontario Liberal meeting? Is it that the Ontario meeting was face to face instead of over the phone/internet? Or is it important that the question and answer sessions only involve one candidate at a time if you don’t invite the media? Anyone know what Rae is thinking on this?

  6. Red

    I know you probably haven’t had the time – or the stomach – to cruise by any of the BT sites recently, but I thought I’d point you to Mesopotamia West, where the proprietor has a comment about Quebec leaving Canada.

    Quebec should be allowed to leave so that the CPC’s political position is improved

    I sh*t you not. I seriously hope that this level of narrow self-interest is confined to just a few wingnuts. I have to believe that Harper gives a little bit more of a damn about Canada.

    Just thought I’d bring it up, if nothing else to point out the creeping, ignorant madness.

  7. Dave — It seems he turned your comments into two updates! Good grief, he’s only got four comments all together (not included his own) and he feels compelled to update the post twice in response to that. Sorry… I just find that immensely funny.

    But more to the point, Frank is quite hopelessly out of his mind. Good thing that he’s in a business where he actually gets paid to be a paranoid kook.

  8. Rae can’t win back many CPC voters. He may take a few in areas who like populists, like the west, but its hard to imagine Rae ripping rural Ontario away from Harper.

    But that aside, he would be a good leader for the Libs to just wait in the hopes the CPC self-destructs. He would be their best leader as a counter-puncher.

    More than anything, if Rae does not contain the same support he had in Montreal than Ignatieff will win a throughly boring, expensive and divisive 5 month campaign.

    It’s a pretty stupid way to elect a leader, especially when you are broke and everybody is stabbing each other in the back.

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