The National Money Hole

With the economy sliding deeper into a recession, panelists discuss whether it’s time for Americans to stop throwing their money into a massive pit out in the New Mexico desert.

Speaking of throwing money into a hole, is General Motors worth saving?

Update: More on the upcoming bail-out (which you know is almost inevitable… “free market” principles, be damned!) here:

The Harper government is coming under mounting pressure to provide financial support to the Canadian auto sector, because every other region that produces cars and trucks, including the United States, the European Union and Australia, is putting up billions of dollars to get the industry back on a sound footing.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives they’ll be damned one way or the other, no matter what they do. The joys of being the government at a time of severe recession…

The Great Canadian Fire Sale

Well, it certainly would have been nice if Harper and the Conservatives had mentioned the possibility of selling off some of the country’s capital assets in order to balance the books back during the recent election when they were confidently boasting that the fundamentals of economy were strong.

Haven’t we been down this road with Jim Flaherty before?

Update: Harper wants us all to stop calling it a “fire sale” for goodness sake. He’s just looking at “privatizing” some holdings, that’s all. There now, don’t you feel reassured by that? We all know how well privatization generally works out.