Cats Barking, Dogs Purring

What on earth is going on with the astronomical trillion dollar “bail-out” of the economy?

So, buying up all of Wall Street’s toxic debt was going to be the answer to fix things, but now that’s out the window and Treasury Secretary Paulson figures the “solution” is to funnel money directly into the banks…

In case you didn’t notice, yesterday, the “Conservatives” plowed another $52 BILLION dollars into the real-estate market (the fundamentals of which are “sound” we were told just last month) and soon they will be pumping billions of more “magic” money into the automotive sector to keep them from sliding into insolvency… How’s that whole “free market” deal working out, by the way?

Meanwhile… we have this kind of massive wankertude going on.

22 Replies to “Cats Barking, Dogs Purring”

  1. Nice to see Conservatives stealing my money to give to the banks that mismanaged their own or to an auto industry to continue to make cars nobody wants.

    In these tough economic times, when I need every penny, its nice to see them thinking of their corporate buddies.

    Those fascist twits don’t know what a”free market” is.

  2. Mike: The new mantra is: Privatize Profits; Socialize Losses.

    These guys are strictly about helping their friends. Never forget that. They talk the talk, during campaigning, but don’t walk the walk later. My guess is that they will give the auto industry money because of all the good paying jobs there. Then, two years from now when either GM or Ford goes tits up, they will say “Well we tried, how could we have known?”

    It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. They still haven’t figured out what to do with all those “underwater” mortgages in the US. They first have to figure out who owns them.

    Oh, and did I mention that the Bushies have already looted the Treasury with their adventure in Iraq?

  3. See what happens when you elect a SOCIALIST like Obama? He hasn’t even been sworn in and he’s already turning the US communist. McCain and Bush would never stand for this sort of European style non-free market socializing….

    And to think that Obama’s “socialism” was the last big “issue” the McCain camp focused on prior to the election. What a bunch of maroons….

  4. The total for Canadian banks is now $75 billion… which is about proportional population-wise to what the US government is funneling into their “failed” banking system ($700 billion over 300 million people… and only half of this amount will be spent on mortgages).

    To keep this amount off the books, the government is apparently selling bonds and treasury bills and then using the money to purchase these mortgages.. The theory is that the payments from the mortgages will cover the payments for these bonds — therefore taxpayers aren’t going to have to pay for them.

    Bundling mortgages and selling them to the public…sounds a lot like how we got into this mess.Well, one difference will be that the government’s going to guarantee the bonds. This really is socializing the risk.

  5. RT, I need you to settle something; Nic’s giving me too many “cyber nipple twisters”, what should I do?

  6. The revocation of independence.

    Ah, sometimes causes trouble with my computer.

    (It’s the earliest draft of the revocation)

    London, 8th November 2000.
    To the citizens of the United States of America,

    Following your failure to elect either a half decent candidate or man-monkey as President of the USA to govern yourselves and, by extension, the free world, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume a monarch’s duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, please comply with1 the following acts:

    1. Look up “revoke” in a dictionary
    2. Learn at least the first 4 lines of “God save the Queen”
    3. Start referring to “soccer” as football
    4. Declare war on Quebec

    Tax collectors from Her Majesty’s Government will be with you shortly to ensure the acquisition of all revenues due (backdated to 1776).

    Thank you for your cooperation and…have a nice day!

    They have a number of revocation drafts as well as the US response:

  7. I’m not sure if there’s an “acceptable” level, but rather a “tolerable” one. LOL – Don’t ya miss having us post here with our intellectual curiosities?

    I passed the message on to Nic.

  8. counter-coulter Don’t ya miss having us post here with our intellectual curiosities?

    C.C. I am sure RT really misses our shenanigans.

    and for the record, C.C. antagonizes and teases me until he gets at least one a day. I think he uses them as vitamens. 😉

    RT…hope you have been well…I glanced at the weather channel the other day and saw you were getting a serious amount of rainfall…I guess that’s par for your course, but i hope it is just making your doormat damp and not your spirits.

  9. Nic — I have been seriously depressed for the last several days what with the seemingly endless gloom and rain. On top of everything else it was kind of a massive downer.

    Today however the sun is shining and the mood is a bit more elevated.

  10. and C.C. and I both think that my little avatar bug\creature is wearing a bra. lol I shan’t tell you the comment C.C. made to me either, but it does explain his CNT happenings.

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