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Harper: “A Northeast US Democrat”

Far be it for me to agree with the editorial brain-trust of the Calgary Herald, but this is something that I’ve been saying for years now. For all intents and purposes, Harper is not a “conservative” — at least not in practice. In fact, he’s almost indistinguishable from a mainstream Liberal in most respects. This may be a rather unsettling thought for both Conservatives and Liberals alike, but I’d suggest you’d be hard-pressed to prove me wrong in this assertion.

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And Then There Were… Three?

With the announcements the other day that Martha Hall Findley and Denis Coderre won’t be entering the leadership fray, and the statement from Gerard Kennedy expected today confirming that he also won’t be running, it seems to be coming down to a three way race between Rae, Ignatieff and LeBlanc.

Speaking of the latter, LeBlanc has an editorial out today in Macleans outlining in a very preliminary way his “vision” for rebuilding the Liberal Party, something that he feels will require a “giant stride” in order to reconnect with voters:

Other political movements have faced similar moments of challenge. In the early 1990s, Britain’s New Labour remade itself, as did Bill Clinton’s Democrats. Today, of course, the example of Barack Obama inspires us all. In each case, success was built on two foundations. First, they reconnected their parties with the political centre. Second, they turned to a new and younger generation to lead the way. And they won.

Just as it fell to those in other countries in their time, so it now falls to a new generation of Liberals to do the same here. To unequivocally commit ourselves to a new path and a new attitude. To rebuild our party and regain government from Stephen Harper by the time of the next election.

So does the Liberal Party need “generational change”… is that really the problem?


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Malkin Trashes John “McLame”

Quite the bitter snark-fest over at Malkin’s place in response to his appearance on Leno last night. The comments from readers are downright vicious.


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The Bitter End


“It’s laissez-faire until you get in deep shit.”

For those seeking to gain some insight and understanding about the subprime mess and how the wanton misallocation of capital by Wall Street has resulted in the current financial crisis, Michael Lewis (a former stock trader and author of Liars Poker) has a fascinating article at Portfilio.com. It’s quite a revealing exposé into the greed and fantastic cynicism (not to mention cluelessness) of Wall Street financiers over the past several years.


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Ploughin’ Through the Open Door

From Blue Stockings at “Buck Naked Politics”: I for one think that God — to whom she says she turns to “show her the open door” — should do exactly that. Though not exactly in the way she probably means.

Semi-related: Maverick Moose Chili — it’s what’s for dinner!

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