Enough Rope…

A small sampling from a “moderate” Blogging Tory:

• I utterly reject social progressivism, except perhaps in the case of hereditary rights. I do not believe in progressive taxation, nor social security for employment, nor government control of free markets. I do not agree with surrendering 33% of my income toward social progressivism. As a classical liberal I believe in the free market, with restrictions only on collusive interests and foreign manipulation of domestic controls.

• There’s something I’ve never quite understood about “Hispanics”. They are essentially a mixture between Spanish European descendants and South American and Central American Indians. Many of them certainly look as “white” as any other American, but are ethnically referred to as Hispanic.

• [T]he very suggestion of cultural preservation for the colonial founding ethnicity is more or less like declaring allegiance to der Fuhrer.

• The sixties ideology of multiculturalism should be denuded for what it truly represents: the historical revisionism to portray Canadian culture as having developed from the colonial interests of white oppressor groups, and the restorative justice and affirmative action plan that seeks to wrest our cultural heritage from us under the guise of egalitarianism.

• Canada hasn’t been burned yet by domestic terrorism, but we certainly shall be if things do not change. Sikh and Islamic terrorism fester here in communities where condemnation of western culture and Canadian life is not shunned, but approved of.

• [B]eyond the myopic Utopianism of the progressive-left who evolved their ideas based on the idyllic fastasy of “multiculturalism”, lies the harsh and unforgiving truth. Terrorists abide our good nature by exploiting it. Because we are so unwilling to question the ethnocentrics, we stand idly by while they annex large portions of our nation for the purposes of their own cultural advancement.

• You will forgive me if I am offended people would suggest I would join a group who believe in restorative justice, affirmative action, civil rights that undervalue certain rights, the undermining of human rights by creating classist systems, and the opposition to traditional values and beliefs.

• The current Conservative Party of Canada has not reached out to my values in the past two years. While they have conservative ideals, their practice is based on populism and neo-liberalism, particularly where it pertains to immigration, spending, and social progressivism.

Oh and there’s much, much, oh-so-much more where that came from. And remember… this is a supposedly “moderate” voice from the Conservative side.

Update: More astounding ignorance here.

14 Replies to “Enough Rope…”

  1. “The very suggestion of cultural preservation for the colonial founding ethnicity is more or less like declaring allegiance to der Fuhrer.”

    WTF does that mean?

    This is why I left Conservative party politics many years ago – there are too many whackjobs in the mix.

  2. “Canada hasn’t been burned yet by domestic terrorism,”

    Uhm, sounds like somebody was not yet born in October 1970 and was asleep in history class in 1985 when Armenians took over the Turkish Embassy.

    I guess this list is just a bunch of baloney.

    Oh and suggesting the “cultural preservation for the colonial founding ethnicity” is, by definition, racist and xenophobic and is, in fact, equivalent to “declaring allegiance to der Fuhrer”.

    I take it this is Raph?

  3. Yep. Mr. Moderate. That was a small sample that took all of about 10 minutes to compile. There’s a veritable treasure trove of such inanities and crackpot nonsense to be mined, if one actually cared to be bothered.

  4. Why is it that the founding ethnicity gets some special, eternal right of precedence, trumping both the original non-colonial ethnicity, and all subsequent ethnicities entering into the mix?

    White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have some special superiority over Natives and subsequent immigrants? I mean…. huh??? And this is *not* Racism somehow?

    “Culture” as a term can get quite a new lease on life when it is used to stand in for the politically incorrect “Race”. >laffs< “Its not racism, its cultural pride – its not promoting ethnic hatred, its protecting the cultural uniqueness of the one culture worth protecting…” Good G_d what a load of delusional tripe.

  5. If I’m not mistaken I think that “culture” is the rubric that neo-Nazis and white supremacists like to hang their hat on — being that it’s more “politically correct” and palatable in the discourse than what they’re actually defending which is some weird-ass xenophobic racial bigotry.

  6. Dr. D. — Seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it? But then, I’ve always maintained that that BTs are a lot more “extreme” and radical in their viewpoints than your garden variety Conservative supporter.

  7. The policy convention in Winnipeg will be interesting to watch. Already there is enough ammunition again to raise the spectre of a “hidden agenda” (something related to abortion, term limits for Supreme Court judges, etc.).

    Harper says his strategies will not be determined by any of the decisions taken at the convention, but if that’s what the grassroots want, how much longer will he be able to hold out? And even if he does, the “hidden agenda” chants will be heard again …

    Btw: did you not provide a link to identify the “Moderate Conservative” in question on purpose, or was that just an oversight? I have an idea of who it may be, but a link would be nice …

  8. WP — I thought it was fairly obvious who the individual in question was without going to the trouble of actually providing links. It’s not worth prolonging the “catfight” but I just felt obligated to post that sampling to demonstrate that my earlier remarks and accusation of “racism” didn’t exactly come out of thin air…

    It will indeed be interesting to see how Harper deals with some of the more awkward resolutions emerging from the grassroots of the party. Most will simply get hived off to the back burner, I’m sure, where they’ll be stalled indefinitely, or artfully shoved down legislative blind alleys…

  9. Oh no!!! Those “failed Liberal policies of the past” are… persistently working. Dammit all!

    Well, as Emily Litella used to say… “Never mind.”

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