14 Replies to “I’m an “unmitigated, flaming asshole”!”

  1. “I’ve been called worse things by far better men.”
    -Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau responding to US President Nixon’s description of him as “An asshole”

    On the second part of your post, I’m no economist but it seems to me that people always quarantee a recession when they hear a recession may be coming by stopping their consumer spending. If you haven’t actually lost your job yet wouldn’t we all be better off if you keep spending?

  2. ML — Indeed. I’ve certainly been called much worse than that — and by people that I was actually related to, at least that is, until they died or otherwise passed on for all intents and purposes.

    Regarding your second point, yes, there is an element of self-fulfilling prophesy associated with every economic recession — that’s why there’s always so much anxiety involved with the “tipping point” at which things start to head into a downward spiral. We’ve been hovering on that for almost a year now, but it seems to be finally going over the edge, bound for the abyss.

  3. Hmmm, well if something is unmitigated and flaming shouldn’t the fire get put out? Maybe the guy is just telling you to sit in a bucket of ice. In code?

    Maybe not.

    As for the recession issue, yes, it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy isn’t it? I’m getting very irritated at some people I know who have secure jobs and no or minimal debt who are acting all freaked out and refusing to spend. If they stop acting/spending normally, well hell, we’re all screwed.

    Consumers need to just have a beer and loosen up a bit I think.

  4. According to comments left on right-wing blogs, apparently “all will be explained” tomorrow on Raphie’s site.

    No idea what that means, but might be mildly amusing if not quite fitting the pre-announcement hype.

    I’m preparing to be disappointed by the forthcoming blather, which I fully expect to be inane to partly cloudy…

  5. True enough. The guy is a hopeless twatwaffle. Let’s check back in 20+ years and see how his happy family and presumed moral superiority is holding up… Or not.

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