“A World of Pain”

Heh. It’s perhaps a little unfair to be quoting David Brooks, a man that I’ve dismissed as being a “simpering ninny” in the past, but it’s irresistible.

Closer to home, does the fact that the GOP is clapped-out and imploding at the moment have impact or relevance to our own Conservative Party?

St. Raphael the Heteronormative Racist


Let’s be clear from the outset that “Raphael Alexander” is a work of fiction. I regret to inform you of this inconvenient truth as it was a rather lovely deception (pictures of the wife and little tiddlers gamboling about the lower mainland and everything!) but it’s a big fraud. The posturing to create a semblance of verisimilitude was/is entirely FAKE.

Bear that in mind when reading his posts and comments

Canadians do, in fact, fear losing their culture to the continued heavy influx of immigrants. I know I certainly don’t want to live in a foreign country. I want to live in Canada. And yet every day Canada looks less like it’s supposed to be.

Well, la-di-da, Mr.White Supremacist… Pray tell what the appearance of Canada is “supposed to be” and, at the same time, be sure to regale us with your cockamamie tales of “heteronormative” behaviour while you’re at it. Good grief… what an awful lot of disgusting slime lurks down Wisteria Lane…

Ignoti Nulla Cupido


Picking up on a somewhat random thought that occurred just prior to the US election last week when I was unpacking and sorting through the miscellaneous assortment of inherited books that I’d never really bothered to seriously look at until now, here’s the question:

What is the weirdest, most oddly bizarre, ephemeral, offbeat or quirky book in your collection?

There’s no set criteria for this selection… it’s entirely up to you to decide what fits the bill, and sadly, there are no actual “prizes” on offer (unless I get sufficiently ambitious and/or flush with cash to fire up some Cafépress swag, that is…) So for now, it’s just a matter of sharing with others your most oddball book for the sake of entirely gratuitous amusement and prurient curiosity.