More Prop 8 Fallout

Shorter LDS position: “What, we can’t have our cake and eat it too?”

The sanctimonious hypocrisy of the Mormon and Catholic hierarchies is truly a thing of wonderment. Imagine! An angry backlash against their meddlesome, God-bothering interference in the secular affairs of state…

“Why, the temeritous nerve of those uppity faggots — how dare they shamefully profane our sacred places of worship with their obnoxious protests!”

Change Is Gonna Come

In case it hasn’t come to the attention of the right-wing hacks and lunatics that to an alarming degree populate the editorial boards of the Sun Media and CanWest chain of newspapers, not to mention the rag-tag assortment of miscreants, amateur detectives, putative “new media” politicos, ideological malefactors and intellectual punks that inhabit “The Blogging Tories” aggregator, Barack Obama is NOT the President of the United States — at least, that is, not until January 20, 2009. So, in the meantime, why don’t all you folks just cool your hyperventilating jets with regards to the outpouring of vitriol and contempt already, okay?

Michael Coren, an unctuous douche at the best of times, was more than happy to lead the charge against Obama with his baneful column yesterday that he saw fit to preface with an e-mail purportedly received from “a young student friend” that disparaged supporters of Obama as clueless “little idiots” who “could not name one of his foreign or domestic policies” while allegedly running about “screaming obscenities about George Bush” and calling the esteemed Sarah Palin a “bitch.” I’d venture to bet this e-mail is nothing but an artful device conjured up by Coren’s febrile imagination, but whatever the case, it neatly set the stage for the untethered diatribe that followed — essentially little more than a dyspeptic litany of outstanding grievances directed towards the usual suspects and stereotypes: Hollywood celebrities, welfare recipients, and of course, that nefarious villain, global financier and promoter of democracy, George Soros.

In his piece, Coren dredged up every imaginable societal evil including “mediocrity, failure, unemployment, inflation, higher taxes and economic stagnation” and attributed them all to the presumably corrosive, immoral and obscenely decadent forces of “social democracy” (shudder), even throwing in for good measure the appalling consideration that Obama’s election victory was also a triumph for “intrusive lawyers, banal sentimentalists, social extremists and urban snobs.” Please… spare us all such rancid, juvenile drivel.

Sadly though, Coren is by no means alone. Take this hopelessly fatuous nitwit, for example, who seems to think that, for some entirely mysterious reason, “the buck stops with Obama” as she natters plaintively about his presumed superficiality and desperately struggles with “this sinking feeling that Obama is more style than substance.” Well, there’s an entirely facile concern of no relevance whatsoever, but alas, one that’s widely echoed on many other right-wing websites that are equally bereft of any appreciable signs of human intelligence.

Surely it must be realized by most sensible people that being President-Elect is a rather difficult position to be in, especially given the current climate of near-catastrophic economic crisis — long gone are the effulgent days of yore when JFK was told to kick back, simply relax and “go fishing” until the previous Eisenhower administration had wound up its final term in office after eight years of bountiful post-war prosperity. To his credit, Obama appears to have struck the right posture of being acutely engaged by rapidly assembling a team of respected business advisers, academic experts and seasoned political pros to help guide him, visibly working on building the team that will head up his new administration, etc., all the while respecting the fact that until he’s inaugurated next year, there is but one president.

So by all means, carry on your silly attacks if you must, but realize that you’re just making completely asinine fools of yourselves. Over the top rhetorical salvoes of the kind launched by Coren may appeal to the embittered cadre of right-wing losers, demented Kool-Aid® junkies, and diehard ideological partisans, but there are a great many more (from all across the political spectrum) who would rather invest their confidence in some measure of change for the better (Could things actually get much worse?) and are willing to give America’s new president-elect the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.