New Rules

“The Rooter of all Evil”… Priceless!

With regards to Bill’s little sermonette at the end, I couldn’t agree more. So, with all due irony, a big Amen to that! But alas, it won’t be. Instead, what follows is far more likely to be typical of the corrosive bilge that can be expected to issue from the scabrous millionaire pieholes of the Right for the next four years:

2 Replies to “New Rules”

  1. That was excellent. New Rules is always a good post.

    …trying to get the smell of stupidity off the seats…

    The US will now start to really wake up from this nightmare and perhaps find they have the mother of all hangovers.

  2. I always look forward to Fridays for a new edition of Real Time if nothing else.

    As for “waking up”… I don’t think people have even begun to fully realize the magnitude of economic crisis yet. Some may be experiencing the leading edge of it right now, but like a hurricane, the real devastation has yet to come…

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