Wanna Bet?

Soon-to-be-former US Ambassador David Wilkins, a “personal friend” of George Bush, says that Canadians will soon come to miss the Worst President in recent American history (if not ever).

He described Bush as a man who has kept North America safe, supported the free trade that has enriched Canada and responded to concerns over softwood lumber and border security. Wilkins predicted the president’s crushing unpopularity in Canada will not last.

“Many Canadians might be surprised by this statement,” Wilkins said.

Well “surprised” is certainly one word for it.

Speaking of Wilkins…

A Party of Lepers

As reported on Countdown yesterday, the “leaky brain trust at Red State” (to quote Wolcott) has launched what it calls “Operation Leper” to identify and blacklist “all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin…”

In other news of the emerging civil war within the GOP, Jim Nuzzo, a White House aide to Bush 41 recently told the The Sunday Telegraph: “There’s going to be a bloodbath. A lot of people are going to be excommunicated. David Brooks and David Frum and Peggy Noonan are dead people in the Republican Party. The litmus test will be: where did you stand on Palin?”

Again from Wolcott:

As either/or propositions go, this isn’t the most appealing. Even allowing for hyperbole, this also seems an awfully gruesome, immature way to go about renewing the Republican brand, which is not to say I don’t give it my papal blessing. By all means, boys and ghouls, go after each other as I spread a picnic blanket across the shaded grass and prepare to pour myself a refreshing Fresca.