The Right Reacts…


Unfortunately, one doesn’t have to cast about very long (or hard) to find plenty of ugliness from the usual suspects in the face of last night’s historic outcome.

The following are some gems from the comments at SDA:

The Obamessiah will be a total disaster as president and will make Jimmy Carter look like a genius. I hope the US will survive the dark ages that are about to come but it would be prudent to prepare for a very different world. Look for the militia movement in the US to make a very large scale comeback.

Best case scenario: an asteroid hits Washington when all democratic politicians are in town. Aside from that hopefull scenario the future looks very bleak for the next few years.

He and his cronies want to pass the fairness doctrine which stifles free speech, and shuts up any opposing viewpoint. He buddies up to lowlife like Ayres, Kalidi and others. He’s scarier than hell. Iran should be celebrating tonight and we know Chavez and Castro are. Crap he’s one of their own. And Comrad Obama lives right next door.

Fox has to carry a big piece of the blame for this. By casting a black president on two seasons of “24” they made people a little more at ease with the idea. The fact that the character was a strong and effective leader convinced many people that a black man could handle the job.

I’ve been sick to my stomach watching these results tonight. I cannot believe that the Americans are willing to give up so much to make a historical statement.

We had Trudeumania and they have Obamamania – two very charismatic marxists. We learned our lesson – I think, and they are about to learn theirs. The difference is we kept ours in Power for 17 yrs. or so and they can only keep theirs for two – four year terms. To be honest that Obama will do more damage to them in four than Trudeau did to us. They will get the Fairness doctrine, we have the HRC. The Obambots are stiffling their freedom of speech and the gulags are already built throughout their fair land. They will get socialized medicine – we get our doctors back. Nafta will be reopened and Ontario bites the dust. Their taxes will go up and their economy will tank. If they are lucky they will stop the nonsense before they become part of the New World order and drag us along by default.

I really hope our Prime Minister is watching all this closely. We don’t want the Amero which the DNC will try to force on us, We do not want to be part of the USSA. We can sell our oil to another. We can put our auto plants to better use by building our own planes, jeeps, tanks etc. and protect ourselves like we did during WW11, and put Southern Ont. back to work. Course we will have to get rid of that little Napolionic Premier that the majority seemed to want so much. When will they ever learn.

And on and on they go with great hilarity…

As with SDA, it would be ridiculously easy to “nut-pick” through the comments at Hot Air for a lot of truly hateful rubbish (there’s plenty of it), but I can’t resist offering up this pretentious litany from one commenter filled with moaning about everything under the sun along with highly delusional prescriptions to revive the fortunes of the right.

The trouble with the right is that most of us seem to be too busy in the world of wealth creation – you know, working hard and running businesses and employing people – to get into the kind of activism and devotion to causes that the left finds the time for.

Yeah, that’s the ticket…

And finally, there’s this crackpot bit of petulance from the site of “a regular Catholic dad”:

Remember when W won his second term and a lot of liberal Americans threatened to move to Canada? Any who did: Please go home now.

Which got me thinking, to fully enjoy the New Gringo Dystopia, what if all the Cannucki Libs go along too and sensible Americans flee to Canada?

‘Course, commies being commies, they’ll soon be running out down there of half-caf lo-fat soy lattes and toilet paper, and then Whoopie Golberg will try to defect, probably with Matt Damon in her carry-on.

So I’m thinking, a shiny new ‘lectric fence all along the 49th with Sarah Palin as Head Northern Sniper.

Canada: Suddenly the Conservative Option. This could be okay.

Hard to know what to make of that.

Anyway, that’s just three from about ten minutes of surfing. If one wanted to cruise through the swamplands of the Wingnut-o-Sphere, Little Green Footballs, FreeRepublic, its northern twin FreeDominion, or even some of the loopier and more deranged members of the “Blogging Tories” it would become immediately apparent that the outpouring of hope and optimism at the moment isn’t perhaps as widespread as we might like to imagine.

The Triumph of Hope

Some great shots of the enormous crowd gathered at Grant Park in Chicago (and other celebrations around the country) after it was announced that Barrack Obama had been elected the 44th President of the United States.

And here’s the “Thank You” video from the campaign to supporters called “Signs of Hope & Change” that’s quite intentionally reminiscent of the iconic 1984 “Morning in America” advertisement and is intended to invoke the notion that things are changing for the better.