32 Replies to “Al Franken Projected to Win”

  1. whew! that one was close. back and forth. polls had given coleman a slight edge at the end. still, with mcconnell winning kt, we’ll be getting only 59 seats.


  2. LOL I’ll have to remember that one.

    I’ve been jumping around between this, making dinner, unpacking, etc. Has Libby Dole gone down to a well-deserved defeat?

  3. MSNBC just called it for Obama, and I’m pretty damn impressed by America at this moment.

  4. I just watched his concession speech. Very decent and gracious. Shame about the booing from the crowd at the mention of the names of Obama and Biden. Oh well. Let’s hope they’re the minority.

  5. C-C: CNN seemed to be calling it that way. Geez, it would disappointing if Coleman managed to pull it out of the bag. I cannot stand that man!

  6. Kev: ahhh…I see. How silly of me.

    RT: Tell me about it. Coleman has been such a major embarassment. And I can’t believe that Michelle “McCarthy” Bachmann has a real chance of holding on to her seat.

  7. Hey RedTory, do you know of anyway someone could block a webpage from showing up in google search results for everyone? I have two posts that even when I search their full address they’re not showing up, and I think someone put a robot.txt in my html but don’t know.

    Not that you’re tech support or anything, but just because I think you may know.

    Thanks either way

  8. Proposition Hate (8) will ruin my evening too.

    But: Norm Coleman looks like he may win. I actually like Norm a lot. Franken is the worst kind of demagogue.

  9. Scott — I’m not aware of any way of preventing Google from doing that, especially not with a blog. If it was a website that you controlled, then you could simply overwrite the page with new content (the cache would still exist, but after a short while the new version would be what’s displayed in the search results after it’s spidered). Unfortunately, with a blog, there’s really no way of accomplishing the same trick.

    Sorry, not much help. Hope the page in question isn’t too compromising. 😉

  10. Shit. It looks like this is your “Dewey defeats Truman” moment, RT. It also looks like McCartysesque Bachman won too. What a curious state Minnesota is. Oh well, at least they got it right on the most important vote.

  11. Bowler — Yep, unfortunately. Although, I did say projected to win, not that he had actually done so.

    I knew it was a super close race, but really thought that Al would have had a little more wind in his sails as things had been trending his way over the past several weeks.

    Damn disappointing, that.

  12. Good. Maybe Franken will end up before SCOTUS?

    Apparently Ted Stevens might have won?? That means your typical Alaskan is concerned about Obama’s past associations, but not concerned about the good Senator’s recent multiple felony convictions!! No wonder Palin is governor…

  13. All may not be totally lost on Franken. Here in MN if it’s less than .5% (which this is) then it’s an automatic recount. The canvas board meets in 2 weeks to certify the results and thus the recount will start. The recount is a manual recount that should include absentee and provisional ballots. Unfortunately with 2 million votes cast it may take a couple of weeks to finish the recount.

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