Election Morning in 100 Seconds

GOP strategist Mike Murphy’s description this morning on the Today show of what will happen to the Republican Party after the election was hilarious: “It’ll be like the fall of the Romonovs… oxcarts full of chandeliers leaving town tomorrow night… the Republican establishment collapsing…”

“We’re going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow and I’m going to be the president of the United States,” McCain said at a rally Monday. “Pennsylvania will do it, and Pittsburgh will be the important area.”

But sadly no… Obama is now projected to win PA and… uh-oh! He also looks to be leading in Ohio according to exit polls (no Republican has ever won without the Buckeye State…)

Update: Okay, CNN is now projecting a win for Obama in Ohio 55/44. Awesome!

Joe the Asshole

Priceless interview from a bit earlier this afternoon between CNN’s affable Rick Sanchez and Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher, the McCain-Palin campaign’s mascot and supposed middle-class “everyman” figure.

He just seems like an obnoxious, jumped-up prick to me. It appears that I’m not alone in that sentiment.

“I know just enough to be dangerous” — JTP talking recently about his foreign policy “expertise” on Fox News with respect to comments made to the effect that a vote for Obama would mean “death to Israel.” (h/t: KEv in the comments.)

Countdown: Campaign Comedy

Olbermann runs through highlights of some recent presidential comedy segments, including Ben Affleck’s brilliant parody of him on SNL and the punking of Sarah Palin by a couple of radio jocks from Quebec calling themselves “Justiciers Masqués” posing as Nicholas Sarkozy with a bad Pepé le Pew accent (as CBC News put it).

An Obama Blowout

Despite all the recent talk about the “tightening” of polls, a blowout landslide for Obama has seemed to be the safer bet for quite some time now. But hey, don’t believe me… listen to Karl Rove:

According to the final 2008 polling map posted on the Rove & Co. website, Obama will take a wide swath of tossup and red states, including Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Nevada. The former Bush political adviser predicts McCain will hold on to North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri and his home state of Arizona. Obama, according to the Rove map, will win easily by 10 points in Pennsylvania, where McCain has poured significant resources and campaign time.

Obama’s final rally was in Manassas, Virginia with a reported 90,000 in attendance (the Moderate Voice speaks to the historical significance of the location).

On the other hand, attendance at one of McCain’s last rallies yesterday outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida was underwhelming to say the least.

Kind of says it all.