36 Replies to “Shorter Stephen Taylor”

  1. I love how Stephen Taylor always looks so starry-eyed and rapt when he discusses politics. He’s so impassioned.

  2. Something tells me that if someone, anyone, from the dreaded “mainstream media” ever bothered to offer, he would accept in a heartbeat.

    Until then, he will still continue to pontificate, desperately hoping to be noticed…

    (I could not read the whole thing – did he even bother to note that despite all those LPC weaknesses, Harper only managed a 1% increase in the popular vote from last time around?)

  3. Did you read that whole thing, Gayle? I kind of went into a fugue state in the middle of the first paragraph. I kept picturing Stephen Taylor with a Sarah Palin up-do and toothy grin, grasping both sides of his head with his hands, eyes wide and spinning…

    It was awful…Awful, I tells ya.

  4. He’s all we have to make fun of.

    Jason Cherniak is leaving .*sigh*

    Cherniak never had the hair though. I last caught Stephen Taylor on his boyfriend’s, Steve Paikin’s show, The Agenda. Taylor’s mop was so lank and greasy, I could smell the sebum through the monitor. I thought..”this man needs a shampoo and an up-do.”

  5. “Stephen Taylor? Yes, this is so-so from the Canadian Press; look we all just read your piece about the current state of the Liberal Party….. Can we have a face-to-face? Like this afternoon?”

    sebum, ugh…

  6. “Well, yes… I am open to the position. If you need someone to write about what is patently obvious or unprovable I’m your man.”

  7. This is the Canada Stephen Taylor gets moist about:

    “Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it. Canadians make no connection between the fact that they are a Northern European welfare state and the fact that we have very low economic growth, a standard of living substantially lower than yours, a massive brain drain of young professionals to your country, and double the unemployment rate of the United States.”

    And for all these “sins,” we get a star-struck, closet-case ponce with greasy hair in our face, day after day, representing the face of renewed democratic engagement.

    Harper may or may not hate Canada, but given this, God surely does.

  8. TG – I didn’t need to read the whole thing.

    It probably went something like this:

    “Liberals…arrogant…sense of entitlement…out of touch…broke…not a leader…all hail Harper the great…”

  9. Liberals…arrogant…sense of entitlement…out of touch…broke…not a leader…all hail Harper the great…

    Who knows what he said? But I’ll tell you, no progressive is going to get anywhere until that that hideous grease-ball is dealt with.

  10. Don’t mind Barkman, he’s one of those idiots that thinks that demolishing a person’s character means that your theories and ideology is right. He also can’t count.

    Which leads me to a question: At some point these idiots realize that more people voted for another party than for theirs right?

  11. The truth, or some version of it, is pretty much an afterthought for these people at the best of times.

  12. Speaking of which, I wonder if Stephen Taylor is already gearing up to send out a directive to his Blogging Minions to remove all the anti-Obama racist twaddle shortly after November 4th?

    Stay tuned…

  13. I can’t be sure, but from the few links Canadian Cynic provides, there’s enough of it to be highly embarrassing for the Harper Party should circumstances unfold as they should on November 4th.

    I’ve never read Blogging Tory blogs myself. The first one I ever came across was Wanke’s and that asshole pretty much coloured my impression ever since.

  14. Gayle said

    “Liberals…arrogant…sense of entitlement…out of touch…broke…not a leader…all hail Harper the great…”

    Looks like its a ctv word cloud, especially the text from the comments section. I wonder where the con-drones got their subliminal orders.

  15. Which leads me to a question: At some point these idiots realize that more people voted for another party than for theirs right?

    Irrelevant, when you consider that more people didn’t vote for the party of your choice than the number of people who didn’t vote Conservative.

    You weren’t slapped enough as a child, were you Barkman?

    Oh I see. Caricature Stephen Taylor with a Simpsons character, but not your dear defeated leader. Clearly you were slapped too much.

  16. Ah well. The obvious demonstration of Liberal hypocrisy would most likely have been lost due to your rank stupidity anyway.

  17. Yeah, my rank stupidity.

    God, these children and their smart mouths. Slap some of them harder, parents.

    Or do what I did. Take their Internet away until they got jobs and paid for it themselves.

  18. It took you almost two days to say something, and that’s your comeback? You need more zing, more zazz.

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