Palin on SNL

Well, did you watch it? I thought it was pretty funny given the constraints they’re obviously working within.

The downside of course is, as was noted in the comments yesterday, that such an appearance only works in her favour to “humanize” her. Over at The Corner they selected a typical response from their readers:

“I watched Governor Palin on SNL last night. Though I was uncomfortable with all the slams against her as she stood and sat there during the skits, I came away with even more admiration for her. She can stand with those that are vehemently opposed to her, yet show grace, humor and strength. That is exactly the kind of strength, poise and conviction of values that we desperately need in the highest office of our land.”

Groan. Yes, having the “strength” to appear on a late-night comedy program is exactly the sort of quality the American nation needs at a time of imminent financial, military and geopolitical crisis. Good lord, what morons.

7 Replies to “Palin on SNL”

  1. The clip’s already gone.

    Like I said, Dubya showed up on SNL before the 2000 election and from what I can recall, he was even self-deprecating about his own dyslexia.

    This is propaganda, not satire.

  2. Good on her for going on, it kind of neutralized some of the sting of the skits, but in the end, she’s the wrong person for the job, just ask Mr. Powell.

  3. Hmmm. They made that clip private for some reason. Let’s see if this new one holds up for more than a few hours/minutes. They’re getting zapped pretty fast.

  4. I understand they want to get all of the candidates on before the election. Not a good idea, I’d say for Obama or Biden to do that. That’s for the primaries, not now. It reeks of desperation.

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