Washington Post Endorses Obama!

Yes, it’s another newsflash from The Land of Duh!

I don’t think that even the Moonie Times would endorse McCain… would they? Really? Let’s wait and see!

But back to the WP’s endorsement “without ambivalence” of Barack Obama (rightly described as a “man of supple intelligence”) due to there “being few public figures [they] have respected more over the years” and “the impressive qualities he has shown during this long race,” etc. Indeed.

It’s difficult to imagine too many other men (or women) who could withstand the grueling, dehumanizing, brutalizing, degrading and mind-numbingly horrific process that is the American electoral system with as much grace, elegance and cool composure as this man has demonstrated over the last year… or however long it’s been — seems like forever.

Given the limited choice on offer (sorry Bob Barr and Ralph Nader and the guy running for the Whig Party) this really is a complete no-brainer. Speaking of which, it’s difficult not to agree with Christopher Hitchens — a long-time critic of Obama (in the past, he called him “vapid, hesitant and gutless” amongst other things) — that John McCain is “suffering from an increasingly obvious and embarrassing deficit, both cognitive and physical.”

8 Replies to “Washington Post Endorses Obama!”

  1. Having lived in Washington, DC, for a while I can see without any doubt that it is one of my favorite papers anywhere. It’s a good, solid paper. I miss reading it everyday in critical US times or during elections there.

    The only fault I ever found with it was a “local” issue. They were quite bad at covering DC local news. I remember articles showing where incidents happened downtown – within sight of their headquarter’s building – and having the articles include a map image pointing out the wrong location. It was sort of a local joke that they had no idea what was going on in DC. The headquarters building was downtown – It is shown in the movie “All the President’s Men” and still exist in that same location – but the bulk of the offices were across the river in Virginia.

    Great endorsement by the way. I can’t believe how direct they were but am pleased. I always wondered how McCain – and his gal pal Palin – would really play in DC and northern Virginia (which is quite urban). Figured it wouldn’t be well and could lose Virginia for McCain. Hoping that prediction holds.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. You’re welcome. I just kind of tripped across it.

    I get the WP every morning, but kind of ignore it for the most part. I find a lot of their editorial content too maddening and could spend all day ranting about the latest idiocy of Broder, et. al.

    But yeah, this was nice. As you say… direct and to the point.

  3. Red:

    Jeeeeebus. The division in the US is getting a bit ridiculous. Watch this, if you haven’t seen it already, and be reminded of why Harper’s divisive actions here (e.g., the comments about the arts community, or his desire to destroy the Liberal party utterly) worry me more than his crap-ass ideas.

    Low-grade political division is the thin edge of the wedge – the thick end of the wedge is what we see in the video above. Ridiculous.

  4. Dave — Just before I go watch that, did you happen to catch Flanagan talking on CBC about the election, doing his post-analysis and with reference to cuts to the “arts community” saying that it was something you do AFTER the election…that’s when you “deal with them.” Yikes!

    These people are tone deaf…

  5. Oh… my… gawd.

    I often joke here about our (in this respect “our” applies equally to Canada and the US) “Idiot Nation” but when I see things like that, I just want to throw my hands up in despair. America is DOOMED if such people are allowed to thrive and reproduce! Sorry, I know that sounds awful, but such ignorance is beyond the pale. 😉

  6. Red:

    I missed that gem from Tom, and it’s probably a good thing, too. I try to maintain some level of respect for academics, but he makes it exceedingly difficult. Is there a link for it?

  7. Not that I’m aware of. It was shown as part of the grinding news cycle on Newsworld the other day, but little of that ever gets pushed out to YouTube. It may surface in a week or so… or not. Such is the way these things go.

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