From the Decision Desk

Well, it’s 7:30 PM here in Victoria, B.C. and when I rode past one of the local polling stations just a short while ago, many good citizens were still dutifully lined up outside the Colwood Community Hall, waiting to cast their ballot.

But uh-oh! It’s all over except for the moaning. Canada has re-elected Harper (stupid Canada!) and all that remains to be seen now is whether it will be a majority or a minority. And how do I know that…? From CBC! (And despite Newsworld being literally blacked-out, I have the screengrabs and backed-up website page to prove it — so there, SCOC!)

Accordingly, feel free to spill the beans and ignore that archaic Elections Canada prohibition from the 30s. Comment away! If the authorities want to charge me for violating the law, then I say… take a number and get in line.

114 Replies to “From the Decision Desk”

  1. It seems that, despite everything, Harper fell short of a majority and the Libs retained the Official Opposition. I am relieved that the Cons didn’t get a majority but I, like you, am furious about the leadership of the LPC. Dion had his chance to play leader of the foremost political party in this country and he wasn’t up to the challenge by any measure.
    Let’s face it, a real Liberal leader could have made short work of a fellow like Harper. And yet it was Liz May who drove the English opposition and Mr. Duceppe who took the honours for the French side.
    In retrospect it may be surprising that Harper didn’t take a majority given the hapless performance of the Dion Libs in opposition. I think he was thwarted not by his principal opponent but by the economic meltdown and Canadians’ uncertainty of how he’ll support the vulnerable in the tough times that lie ahead. To that extent, Dion got something of a free ride to a fate slightly less worse than death.
    For all his admirable qualities, Stephane Dion isn’t a leader. He can’t inspire the electorate to support him and that is the bottom line, the sink or swim factor, in political leadership.

    You’ve done enough, Stephane, now go.

  2. Did I call it, or did I call it?; “Don’t worry, in a few more weeks you can throw the absent-minded professor and his Green Shaft under the bus.”

  3. SDC — Yes, I called it too. And the timing of the election. And the economic downturn. And the failure of the war in Afghanistan. And the failure of the war in Iraq. And that the US wouldn’t find WMDs… and, and… and. Can I have a chocolate now?

  4. “absent-minded professor and his Green Shaft”

    Ah… the high minded discourse that we have come to expect from the supporters of the party of civility.

    What a load of crap.

  5. My post was a bit melodramtic… But seriously, the Liberals would be foolish to have another leadership race, no?

  6. The story here is the relatively poor showing of the Liberals in Ontario and BC. As well, I thought the NDP could have done better in BC.

    Thank Christ it is a Minority …

  7. I think there are a lot of Canadians who didn’t vote Liberal tonight or didn’t vote at all who would welcome a Liberal leadership race if only it would produce an effective leader. I believe that’s exactly what Canadians want. While I can’t speak for RT, that’s certainly what I want if I’m going to continue to support this party. You only get to “Dion” me once.

  8. Dion was up against some of the most vicious US campaign consultants in the biz, with millions of dollars devoted to destroying him. I’ve met these guys at C&E conventions. They boast about their kill ratio. They think it’s an amusing afternoon to destroy reputations.

    Jesus people, we’re lucky he’s alive and did as well as he did.

    You think Iggy or Rae could’ve done better? HAH.

    The only difference would’ve been the style of ammo, not the degree of loss.

  9. “Did I call it, or did I call it?; “Don’t worry, in a few more weeks you can throw the absent-minded professor and his Green Shaft under the bus.”

    No one’s going anywhere, Bubba. Well…the Conservatives are going back to committees where they’re in the minority and where I doubt the berserking will not be tolerated at all this time around.

    This is how wonderful our electoral system is:

    “As the final tally approached, the Conservatives were up less than one per cent in the overall popular vote, which translated into a 20-seat increase from the last federal election. The Liberals, in turn, were down 2.4 per cent, or 25 seats, according to the projections.”

    Our fate relies on swaying 2% of the electorate. I mean that’s SDC, his sister-wife and the rest of the inbred family right there.

    Oh, well. Congrats to Rob Oliphant, Liberal MP for Don Valley West. I did my part.

  10. It’s perhaps unwise to bring out the long knives so quickly, to assign blame so readily or to otherwise rush to judgment. Tempting, but maybe not the best of things. I suspect Mr. Dion was not quite the right man, for the time… and what an awful time for the Liberal Party (for reasons we know all too well). I’m very reluctant to beat up on him personally.

    I’ve got more to say on the subject, but I’m making dinner at the moment, so don’t take my lack of comments as anything other than that. Just cooking and kind of processing the all-too-predictable results.

  11. Bye-Bye Fortier….

    Is there anything preventing that Minority Queen Harper from re-appointing him to the Senate?

  12. Nothing ti-guy, as far as I know there is no restriction against reappointments. That is, if he officially resigned first…I can’t find anything online to clarify.

    Sad, eh?

    RT, they kept us voting until 9:30 here and there were no actual results until 9:50, so how much was the time spread between BC and you guys?

  13. Aurelia — We vote here until 9:30 too. People are still voting… presumably. Me… I know the results and am eating dinner. Still haven’t seen a thing on TV. I voted at 7:30 AM this morning. Anyway, my eggs are going cold.

  14. That is, if he officially resigned first…I can’t find anything online to clarify.

    I’m pretty sure he resigned. To lazy to look it up.

  15. All I can say is that I am devastated.

    Dion was the only one of the leadership contenders for the Liberals that I liked. I think he was sabotaged within his party and without by the Conservatives and to a lesser degree the NDP. All in all, a very ugly election campaign with horrible results. The only saving grace was that Harper didn’t get his majority.

  16. Here in Victoria, the polls were supposed to close at 7 pm, at least according to my voter registration card. If you saw a line up, than possibly that poll chose not to close while people were still trying to vote. If that was in the Victoria riding, that might explain why Victoria was the last riding to start to report results.

    Both CBC and CTV were on the air with poll results at 7 pm PST.

  17. I find it ironic that after all the pork poured into Quebec, all the “nation” building that Harper cannot do more.
    Of course the fact that Bernier was re-elected does say that some a terminally stupid…

  18. So… I flip over to CBC and the first thing I see is Dion delivering his defeat speech.

    Go Democracy!

    What a fuckin’ joke. Not even the fun of a horse race.

  19. ARRGH! Stuck with Harper, at least we can be thankful its a minority government. We received leaflets from our PC candidate (LOTS OF THEM). Theystarted weeks before parliment was dissolved. Interestingly enough only received 3 leaflets after the election was called. I am of the opinion they planned this from the beginning. We need a non-confidence vote and Harpers conduct should be investigated and charges laid. He should be behind bars and placed in general population. Let him ask for protection and be spend 20 hours a day in a cell (NO SPECIAL PRIVLIGES) Definitely not house arrest. CANADA WAKE UP!

  20. The media won tonight. The majority of Canadians not so much. I don’t think I can stomach Harper’s speech.

    Holy crap, it turns out this is a historically the lowest federal election turn out ever. Can this get more depressing?

  21. Donna Cadman = Stephen HARPER! Easy as that. End of story. They would have voted for a toaster. Or a rock. Or a bag of cat litter.

  22. “They would have voted for a toaster. Or a rock. Or a bag of cat litter.”

    Ah, just like Alberta then, I suppose.

    They like sock puppets too, I understand.

  23. One thing the Liberals need to do…right quick: Re-think their online communications strategy.

  24. Congratulations for re-electing a fine Canadian as PM. Too bad it was not a majority so he could really turn things around.

    Perhaps, Dion will ask to re-start the election (like three or four times).

  25. One thing the Liberals need to do…right quick: Re-think their online communications strategy.


  26. Of course, here comes the “turnout” story…eyeroll.

    Ok, let’s remember that you cannot remove anyone from the voter’s list unless they die in a registered nursing home–no I’m not joking, the paperwork alone to remove someone would kill the average canadian. I looked into it to try to remove my long dead father in law from the voters list and after 6 years I still can’t get the man deregistered.

    In my house, there are 2 real actual voters, and 6 registered to vote, 4 who previously lived here when they owned the house.

    Every year, the list grows dramatically but the actual number of real humans eligible to vote doesn’t change except for the usual number of new citizens.

    So the percentage goes down, down down, but the real number stays static. Think about it, do the math, maybe there is no voter apathy, maybe the issue is the fucked up permanent voters list!

  27. RT – Yeah, big night for Hedy. zzzzzzz…….

    I’m actually rather surprised that Conservative candidates were running 2nd in both Vancouver Centre and Toronto Centre. Perhaps Dippers were voting Liberal out of a fear of splits?

  28. Grooooan is right. I think I am puking into my mouth.

    Is there any chance the opposition will actually develop a backbone to defeat this bastard?

    Wishful thinking I’m guessing. I feel sick and very tired.

  29. Harper just said “for the protection of the Irvings” (he meant to say “earnings”) and then corrected himself.” A Freudian slip perhaps. Anyway…

    Now he’s claiming to have a “mandate” of some kind (like Bush did in 2004!) and being inclusive… congratulating Duceppe and Elizabeth May. Huh? Oh, right, the BQ and Greens are marginal.

    Mandate, mandate, mandate. Expect to hear that a LOT in the coming nether zone where we all give up caring what’s going on.

  30. I cannot stomach the victory speech.

    Ultimately I wanted a CPC minority because I want them to wear the upcoming economic turmoil, but I will not deny I am disappointed the liberals lost so many seats. Despite my best efforts by actually showing up to vote, Linda Duncan could not unseat Jaffer either.

    I just got a call from a friend who lives in Lunn’s riding and she is furious Penn did not take that (too many fucking rich old people she says…).

    Anyhoo, while I very much like Dion, sadly I think his days as leader are numbered. The party certainly cannot afford another long drawn out leadership contest though, so hopefully they can be sensible and make it as bloodless as possible. Maybe Chretien will come back! 🙂

    As for me, I need a break from this crap (and I do not even blog!). I am looking forward to what looks to be a winning season for the mighty Oilers this year so if anyone is looking for me, you can probably find me on their official message board. 🙂

    “See” you later all…

  31. BY — Friends, blah, blah, blah…. Friends… challenge… blah, blah, blah, vibrant… Friends…. resilient…. blah…. my grandma… blah, blah…generations… mandate! Thank you and GOD BLESS CANADA!

  32. Oh… Great. Now we get all the commentary about how there’s a complete disconnect from partisan political rhetoric and reality. D’OH FUCKING D’OH!
    Yes, there will be deficits! Imagine! WHO ON EARTH could have predicted THAT!?

  33. Harper indeed has a mandate, a mandate to govern as the leader of a minority. He wanted Canadians to unshackle him from that and Canadians had a full and unfettered opportunity to hand the Tories the full reins of power. They didn’t. Canadians have spoken and for Harper to ignore that and claim to have a mandate from Canadian voters is in keeping with a shameless oligarch who considers it both Canadian and democratic enough to gag the civil service and the armed forces and force whatever limited voice they ever had through the filter of his political commissars in the PMO. Why is anyone surprised when Stephen Harper yet again makes it perfectly clear that he won’t respect the views of the Canadian people unless and until he’s compelled into it?
    It’s no coincidence his middle name is “Joe”

  34. Peter Mansbridge , smoothly idiotic ….as usual .

    Going for the semblance of informed, are you?

    I liked Keith Boag’s analysis.

  35. I truly wish that May had unseated Peter MacKay. That would have provided a much needed burr under Harper’s saddle (not that he probably even knows how to ride a horse).

  36. “Why is anyone surprised when Stephen Harper yet again makes it perfectly clear that he won’t respect the views of the Canadian people unless and until he’s compelled into it?”

    Sweater guy knows – and will rule like – he has a de facto majority.

    Deceivin’ Stephen doesn’t like to play with the other children.

  37. Yipee! Now it’s focus on Western Canada…the 9 million people who distort Canada’s democracy the most.

    …changing to RDI.

  38. Well, I guess we can get on with that European Free Trade Agreement now, huh. LOL. Ahhhh. The voters are so frickin’ clueless. What a joke.

  39. And just wait for the apparently needed Canadian bank support (bailouts?) days or weeks from now, as eluded to in a few recent news reports (Financial/National Post).

    Of course, the CONS wanted this kept under wraps until after the election.

  40. Bill — Yes, I suppose that’s true. Funny thing. I asked a young fellow today if he’d voted and he kind of shrugged indicating a “no” and I said “Ah, one of those people who people who doesn’t give a shit one way or the other, huh?” And his answer was kind of disarming. He just said that he really didn’t really know enough about the issues to make a decision so his vote wouldn’t really mean anything. Well, you know, that was an entirely legitimate response. Sad… but legitimate. Better perhaps not to vote that to cast a ballot under false pretenses. Another guy I spoke with said he was voting Conservative because they were “cracking down on crime” and that was a “good thing”… To which, I said “Well, I don’t think any of the parties are really PRO-crime.”

  41. Did they actually vote? I heard that the overall voter turnout was dismally low.

    Still, I have to say that I agree with RT. The voters are so frickin’ clueless. What a joke.

    I continue to be depressed by these results.

  42. Better perhaps not to vote that to cast a ballot under false pretenses.

    Truly , an argument worth having .

  43. Not to say that we don’t have idiots here in Ontario too.

    Ontarians re-elected Tony Clement, John Baird, Dim Jim Flaherty…

  44. And in case you hadn’t heard, CON parachuter Lisa Rait took Garth Turner’s job.

    Those rabid CON partisans must be elated.

  45. Not to say that we don’t have idiots here in Ontario too.

    Trust me Robert , it’s not a secret .

  46. Did anybody else hear the undertones in Harper’s speech? He blew off Dion. He is looking forward to working with Layton. Congrats May and Duceppe. It was a disgusting display of carefully worded insults and bullshit. Canadians (the majority) did not vote for him and he’s acting like they did.

    Impolitical posted that she doesn’t understand Harper’s glee while speaking. I think it’s because he’s thrilled that he’s on his way to decimating (he thinks) the Liberal party. Same as Layton.

    The whole thing just makes me sick. And in my riding, an NDP twit won again which I could live with if she deserved it, but she didn’t.

    As for Dion, I just don’t know. I really like him as a person. He definitely tried hard and put up with an incredible array of bullying from all directions for too long. But I am so tired of struggling to understand a PM with a thick accent. And I’m worn out defending Dion. As much as I like the guy, I’d prefer a Liberal who knows how to fight, who will VOTE in parliament, who will stand up for us for heaven’s sake. The high road is always preferable but given the show Layton and Harper put on, there is no high road as long as those two are in charge of their parties. Liberals need someone who will give as good as they get. And no more big conventions and leadership contests. They need to stop playing politics within their party and start speaking for Canadians who voted for them, as well as the 50% or so who didn’t even vote.

    (Sorry for the long comment. I arrived here late.)

  47. The only people I’m calling unqualified morons are the NDP voters of Central Nova.

    Once again, that shithole ruins it for so many Canadians.

  48. Now don’t go all “spelling Nazi” over me, Bill. This is “live blogging”… not a term paper.

    Say what ???

  49. RC — Well, we can look forward to Rait’s blog as the voice of the “volk” in the new Harper Ünter-majority government, huh?

  50. Red Canuck: Just think, though…Central Nova could have rid Canada of Peter Mackay, who ruined the Progressive Conservative Party, who’s an unqualified moron in Cabinet and could’ve have given the Greens a seat in Parliament with Elizabeth, who appeals to a lot more people than Mackay. And it would have taken just a portion of the votes that were thrown away voting from some bladder on a stick running under the NDP banner.

    Morons. Turn Central Nova into a real nova. Nuke it.

  51. “Who’s the conserva-bimbo sitting next to Larry Campbell?”

    She’s hot though…if you can get over her political affiliation.

  52. Ti – I know what you’re saying…and I agree. It’s just that when I look around at all the other CPC shitsacks that got re-elected……arrrghh…I’m just frustrated.

  53. Once again, that shithole ruins it for so many Canadians.

    What more can be said about Toronto ?

  54. Who’s the conserva-bimbo sitting next to Larry Campbell?

    That’s Leah Costello of the Fraser Institute — “Guest” Services.

    Fucking right wing twat. Shows up at Mark Steyn book launches and any event for which the wingnuts need to parade around a blond head with two boobs and a Chatty Cathie voice.

    Not a Conservative woman in the mold of Flora McDonald or Barbara McDougall, that’s for sure.

  55. I love this. Now the CBC is reading irate comments from people who don’t feel the electoral system is fair: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Isn’t that cute? Thanks… now let’s look at some more results… ”

  56. What more can be said about Toronto ?

    Why don’t you try to contribute something half decent, rather than throw around your witless remarks?

    I said more in that comment than that, fuckwad.

  57. Not a Conservative woman in the mold of Flora McDonald or Barbara McDougall, that’s for sure.

    She’s hot though , like Sarah …..right ?

  58. Well, I’m done. Can’t take it any more.

    Night all… It’s been fun ranting/venting on this dire, albeit rather predictable outcome.

    Time to reflect and process.

  59. “Not my taste. I prefer my women less Coulterish.”

    I hear ya.

    My “reasoning” just came back after digesting those thoughts.

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