The Softwood Lumber Sellout

Probably too little too late to serve the Liberals much good, what with most people paying more attention to their Thanksgiving activities than the dregs of a pointless election that got hijacked by a dramatic economic crisis, but this is quite interesting, albeit entirely unsurprising to anyone who understands how deeply corrupt the American political system is.

Aside from being one of the first promises that the Harper government broke (in their previous election platform they had specifically vowed to recover the full $5 billion owed); flouting the dispute resolution mechanisms of the NAFTA that the Liberals had doggedly pursued; and sending a terrible signal to other companies in the USA; this just adds insult to injury caused, at least in part, by the deal to rural communities in B.C. and other provinces simply to appease the US softwood lumber lobby. Pathetic.


3 Replies to “The Softwood Lumber Sellout”

  1. Global National had a good segment on this on yesterdays evening news. Went into some depth & was definitely anti-Harper. Really surprised me given their Con bias. It was, actually, a scathing report. Wish they had saved it for todays news instead when more people will be most likely watching. At least it was there anyway.

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