Ready, Willing & Able

Is it possible that Katie Couric is “saving the United States and perhaps the world” from Sarah Palin?

“She’s smart, she’s tough, she’s been in debates before,” McCain carefully said on Fox & Friends this morning. “The American people … the more they see of her, the more they love her, and I’m confident of that at the end.” I guess we’ll see tonight.

Meanwhile, on the Shouting News:



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17 responses to “Ready, Willing & Able

  1. my only complaint is that only the one debate has been scheduled. i could watch that dumdum get pummeled nightly.


  2. Apparently she’s dissembled her way out of these things before.

  3. Ti-Guy

    Is Trusty Tory writing emails to The Jack Cafferty File and signing them “Trudy?”

  4. “Apparently she’s dissembled her way out of these things before.”

    yeah, the pow (have you heard?) says her mad skillz were a key factor in tapping her. trying to mask his buyer’s remorse, i suspect.


  5. KEv — Yes, I’ve heard that. It’s indicative of the level of utterly depraved cynicism that seems to be prevalent in the McCain campaign.

  6. “the level of utterly depraved cynicism”

    there it is.

    tapping a running mate is essentially the first executive decision. while some on the right have finally come out in condemning the choice, ideology seems to prevent them from taking the next logical step; decrying mcsameco for the exploitive cynics they are. they know she was a bullshit choice on mccain’s part, but they limit the criticism to the choice, and not to what it says about the character behind the choice.


  7. Check this out (e-mail received today):

    Fire Gwen Ifill!

    (If you haven’t already signed our Petition, please do so. And please forward this e-mail immediately to everyone on your list. The debate is tonight, and time is of the essence!)

    Dear Friend:

    Gwen Ifill must be fired!

    The moderator of a presidential debate is supposed to be objective. He or she is supposed to play fair, not be an advocate or cheerleader for one side.

    Yet Gwen Ifill – the moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate – has hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on the outcome of the election.

    Ifill has a book, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, coming out next year – on Inauguration Day!

    According to former Clinton aide Dick Morris, who has had several best-selling books, Ifill stands to make $350,000, perhaps much more, if Obama is elected and the book is a best-seller.

    If McCain wins, her book will probably go straight to the remainder bin. She will probably make nothing, or nearly nothing.

    She has a fortune at stake.

    No one with a $350,000 interest in the outcome would be allowed to be a judge in a legal case or an official at a sporting event.

    Lawyer and TV journalist Greta van Susteren says that, “In law, this would create a mistrial.”

    Can you imagine someone being allowed to officiate at last year’s Super Bowl if he had a book coming out on Super Bowl Sunday entitled Dynasty: The Age of the New England Patriots? Of course not. The other team would not have allowed it. Neither would the NFL.

    It’s bad enough that most of this year’s debate moderators are liberals who are openly hostile to conservatives and Republicans – Sarah Palin, especially.

    We must not allow Gwen Ifill to make a mockery of this debate by “moderating” despite her obvious conflict.

    Please sign our petition – HERE – and pass this e-mail along to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, the people in your cici club or religious organization – anyone who might add his or her name to the petition. And please do it NOW!



    Richard A. Viguerie
    9625 Surveyor Court, Suite 400
    Manassas, VA 20110

    Urgh. Total douchebaggery.

  8. Shorter Richard A. Viguerie:

    “Please give us any excuse to call of this imminent bloodbath other than that Sarah Palin is a drooling idiot who is unqualified to be a crossing guard, let alone VP or President…”

  9. “He or she is supposed to play fair”

    “he or she”?! viguerie doesn’t even know who ifill is, but he’s certain she’s biased.

    rich deserves a post all about him….


  10. oh. “he or she”, meaning any given mod. still, an obfuscating dickhead defeatist.


  11. Ti-Guy

    I’d never heard of Richard Viguerie until I read The Wrecking Crew. He apparently is a pioneer in the industry that gave careers to political entrepreneurs like Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff.

    Complete and utter moral depravity.

  12. I was going to post something on The Wrecking Crew but thought it might just get lost in all of the election blather at the moment. It’s an important message and a “must read” for everyone seeking to understand what’s been going on for the past 30 years. Dion alluded to some things along the same line the other night in the French debate, but they don’t seem to have been picked up on. Maybe he’ll elaborate a little bit tonight.

  13. Viguerie is absolutely fundamental (no pun intended) to understanding how the right-wing noise machine functions. Why else do you think that I’m a subscriber to his newsletters?

  14. btw, let’s be sure to congratulate richard on his successful petition campaign. *snort!*


  15. Those things are a dime-a-dozen (almost quite literally), but they manage to shake some coins out of the pockets of the agitated faithful… See, that’s how the whole deal works. It’s the same concept that spam e-mails for Viagra are predicated on.

  16. i went ahead and signed!


  17. Maybe you’ll get some premium as a “reward” for doing so.

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