Free Sarah Palin

CNN’s Campbell Brown unloads a boatload of sarcasm on the McCain campaign’s hypocritically chauvinistic approach that she’s a “delicate flower that will wilt at any moment.”

Hmmm. Where have we seen that patronizing double-standard before?

Oh yes… here and here and here.



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19 responses to “Free Sarah Palin

  1. Carrie

    Great setup by Campbell. Palin’s no flower but we all know she lacks a fully stocked brain.

    Some of the footage of Palin meeting the various world leaders was funny. She’s smiling, and nodding, and the guy across from her is talking quite seriously and not smiling. It looked like she had no idea how to respond to whatever they were saying.

  2. mccain is calling for a postponement of the campaigning in order to focus on the current economic crisis. sounds like three card monty to me.


  3. Unbelievable. Literally and otherwise.

  4. Carrie

    Holy….Obama breaking news…he’s also suspending his campaign to work with McCain to help the President deal with U.S. economy. I don’t know that they can fix this thing in a couple of months.

  5. no, obama’s not in favor of suspending the campaign; he agreed to a joint statement regarding the legislature’s efforts in the crisis, but he said the american people, now, at the heights of both the crisis and the campaign, need to hear from the candidates.


  6. southernquebec

    I don’t understand what McCain’s problem is. Last week, my friends, the economy was fundamentally sound. This week…not so good. Who could have known…..

  7. J

    ur attacks on mccain and palin, makes ur blogs irrelevant, and useless, give it a break… there is a canadian election, obama will loose and mccain will be president.. live with it, america is not a socialist country….

  8. Now we’ve got Merrill Lynch Canada telling us we’re headed for an economic meltdown.

  9. Carrie

    Well, that’s bizarre. CTV was carrying Obama with that out in front prominently “suspending campaign”. The bit I heard sounded like he was doing that.

  10. the debate committee has announced that friday night’s debate will proceed as planned.


  11. There’s a newer post on this above.

  12. Ti-Guy

    Meanwhile (and on-topic), Max Blumenthal has some dirt on Palin’s involvement in some neo-Pentacostical/Animist/Voodoo/Hoodoo ritual that’s well…uh, interesting…I guess.

  13. KEv — The subject is concerned with “Foreign Policy” isn’t it?

    I like the take from Faux News:

    Yeah… Senator Pissy Pants has to rush back to Warhshington to “help” deal with the emergency he helped create…

  14. Ti-Guy — Yes, that was raised a coupled of days ago, but I didn’t want to go there. In fact, I thought it was kind of ironic that Olbermann was going on a “witch hunt” of his own…

  15. Jay

    Carrie. Thats done so they can claim Obama waffled when he later clarifies.

  16. That link doesn’t work. (Funny though it is.)

  17. RuralSandi

    Ya, like a 2 hour debate will hold up everything without Super Duper McCain to the rescue.


    Obama has been speaking to Paulson and the finance committee on a daily basis and Schumer (on the finance committee) said they hadn’t heard from McCain once.

    And, like Obama said, a president has to be able to handle several things at once.

    I think McCain wants to have some naps.

  18. Outstanding! I’m really starting to like Ms Brown. She’s the same journalist that orchiectomized Tucker Bounds a few weeks ago, when he refused to give even one example of Palin’s executive experience. Good for her!

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