Talk Is Cheap

Or so “they” say. But actually, it’s not.
In an attempt to stave off being homeless next month, here’s a bit of a wacky, harebrained thought…

If you enjoy this blog and would like to see it continue, contribute a dollar (there’s a PayPal button on the sidebar). That’s it… ONE DOLLAR. Slightly more than the price of a chocolate bar.

Sorry, I hate to impose and I realize that it’s shamefully undignified, but I can’t carry on doing this for nothing. Well nothing… even less than that, in fact. I did the math a while back and it works out that I make about $0.004 per post. The expression “That’s my two cents!” is considerably overpriced as it turns out.

Sadly, I’ve got overhead and will shortly be in the situation of being divorced (long story — bottom line: after 30 years, I get stuck holding the bag with all the costs and responsibilities…) and most probably homeless. Not the end of the world… I suppose there will be some dismal fun and adventure in that, but it’s not really a place I’m keenly looking forward too. Thankfully, I’ve familiarized myself with “Hobo Matters” and am conversant with actuaries and their tattoos.

Think of it as something similar to those awful “pledge drives” on PBS (minus the insufferable pandering) or to reference a more topical situation, a “bailout”… That may come across as sarcastic, but I’m entirely serious.

Update: SQ mentioned the hackneyed “for less than a cup of coffee” and “now more than ever” appeals made by our PBS friends.

Well, I can’t launch a new episode of Dr. Who off the cuff, but can offer up the following to address the question of what you get for the price of your “double-double” (or “babies milk” or sugar-free vanilla soy latte, as the case may be). For lack of a better word… context.


Here we go again. Be afraid… very afraid…

Or not. Hey, the Liberals have an Advanced Manufacturing Prosperity Fund; a Small Communities Fund; a Green Fisheries and Transport Fund; a Regional Flexibility Fund; a Water Fund; a Green Farms Fund; an Interdisciplinary Sustainability Fund; an Educational Endowment Fund; a Low-Income Homes Retrofit; a Partnership Fund; a Doctor and Nurses Fund… Yes, many, many funds for us all to deeply snore through…

Funny that whoever made the above ad/video would riff off King Crimson’s “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic” so shamelessly.

Free Sarah Palin

CNN’s Campbell Brown unloads a boatload of sarcasm on the McCain campaign’s hypocritically chauvinistic approach that she’s a “delicate flower that will wilt at any moment.”

Hmmm. Where have we seen that patronizing double-standard before?

Oh yes… here and here and here.

Death to Pepperland!!!

Stephen Harper is a mean-spirited control freak and he doesn’t like artists.

Sadly, this seems to be the best message the Liberals (and the progressive “left” for that matter) can come up with at the moment.

There’s a HUNDRED REASONS here, but I rather doubt anyone much cares that Stratford isn’t getting the same level of federal matching funds as Edmonton is, or that the Museum Assistance Program was cut in half.

Update: Nice to see that everyone has their priorities in order.

Update2: There really is no irony left in the world when “Chucker Canuck” attacks Jason Cherniak, whom he calls “quarterback of Liberal cyber-strategy” (There’s a newsflash — quarterback… Liberals… strategy… Who knew? ), for unleashing “heaps of venom over what they see as unfriendly reporting.” This from an anonymous clown who proudly sports a badge on his sidebar supporting John McCain for some mysterious reason. Hello…. Earth to Chucker!

McCain’s “Dismaying Temperament”

MSNBC’s David Shuster talks to Rachel Maddow about a recent column by George Will blasting John McCain as a man that’s temperamentally unsuited to be commander in chief. Well duh.

To follow on a bit from yesterday’s observation about the spreading disaffection on the part of the so-called “liberal” Washington press corps with the darling senator they’d so shamelessly fawned over for years as being a straight-talking “maverick” (while glossing over his shoddy record of non-accomplishment and other dubious shortcomings), it’s perhaps not all that surprising to now see an ostensible arch-conservative like Will also throwing up his hands in disgust at McCain’s childish petulance, populist histrionics and “Manichaean worldview”…

RMR: “Time to Play”

Another in the series of Harper ad spoofs from Daryn Jones.

It’s astounding to me that the Liberals have taken to fighting this election over food safety and getting indignant about the way Harper slags “artists” as being ritzy elitists. Groan. Seems to have worked in terms or rubbing some folks the wrong way though (here, here and here) but then they weren’t exactly predisposed to the Conservatives from the outset, now were they?

Just as an aside, there’s a little betting action around town here in Victoria as to how many votes John West (the NPD candidate who dropped out after it came to light that he went skinny-dipping over a decade ago), will gain from “low information voters” even though he’s not running. Woo-hoo!

Update: Semi-related and unavoidable when considering the stupid flap over West and his buck-naked antics, there’s of course this “memorable moment” from last year…