A Holy New Field

This is perplexing to say the least (more here, here and here).

“Think of every possible pun involving stones, rocks and prehistoric times, and link them to a pea-brained story that creaks and groans on its laborious march through unspeakably obvious, labored and idiotic humor…” So wrote Roger Ebert almost ten years ago. Now, he’s peddling creationist rubbish and quizzically musing about the absurdity of moose… Go figure.

18 Replies to “A Holy New Field”

  1. Man has been here before. There must have been some catastrophe a long time ago, perhaps a few people, to start again. As well, if man walked with dinosaurs, man would have become extinct before the dinosaurs.
    I remember reading in a museum, that the Great Lake area was once tropical, …cold down South. Something happened, … the poles must have reversed! Wiarton on Lake Huron, has some caves and in those caves, they found reefs with coral.
    Don’t call me a nut, unless you can explain better.

  2. Indeed, I don’t get Annie’s point either. But I will call her a nut, because that kind of babbling incoherence trying to sound like a shocking revelation reminds me of so many of the howling mad panhandlers at Younge and Eglinton.

    Yep, nut.

    Red, there is some discussion at CC and PZ Meyers that this was a hack or some bizarre sense of humour on Ebert’s part. Its pretty well known he’s an agnostic.

  3. Yeah, I know… that’s why I provided the links. It would be nice to get some clarification from him directly rather than wasting a lot of time speculating.

  4. Ebert is very moody and with Sarah Palin re-invigorating the wingnuttery of middle America, he might have been attempting dry satire out of despair. What he’s written there is accurate, according to what creationists believe.

  5. That’s ridiculous. Homo sapiens has only been around for about 400,000 yrs. — dinosaurs, existed 200 million years ago. This has nothing whatsoever do with geomagnetic reversal.


  6. I referred to geomagnetic reversal above. This is a well known theory. What does it have to do with your assertion that mankind pre-dated dinosaurs?

  7. If you remember that episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation, where Q took Captain Picard to the primordial ooze…

  8. Annie

    I just spoke with the rest of the scientists, and we collectively want to congratulate you. We’d never considered the ‘poles changing’ phenomena. This changes everything; thanks for showing us the error of our ways. Next time we will be sure to consult all of the internet hacks, creationists and conspiracy theorists before we just rush to publish.

  9. i suspect annie is engaging in her own satire, folks.

    the thing i liked about ebert’s satire: he didn’t result to a single inuslt.


  10. I was thinking of the Bible.should not have, as in the Bible, all animals went on the Ark. That is not made up by me. some say dinosaurs…not me
    As far as man..long before Adam and Eve, there was one in Africa named Lucy…2 0r more million years ago.

  11. Annie — Let’s generously say that “mankind” can be dated back 2 million years. That would still put the species about 398 million years ahead of dinosaurs — or as some of our “faith-based” friends call them “behemoths” (which are 0nly < 10,000 yrs. old).

    Still not sure what you’re on about. None of it makes a lick of sense to me. Counter-factual, illiterate, clueless, etc. Sorry, I don’t mean to be nasty, but I can’t make heads or tails out of what your point is. Maybe you should apply for a job at the Sun Times.

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