New Rules: Bristol Whipped

From yesterday’s show… Watch this with the previous post regarding the “beyond vicious” column by Heather Mallick in mind and, if wasn’t already abundantly obvious, I think the monumental phoniness of the “outrage” about the things she said will become crystal clear.

Now, if for some reason, you still don’t get it, chances are you’re a hopeless wanker in any case, but let me explain this to you very, very slowly. What Mallick said is nothing new, nothing startling, and nothing that hasn’t been said by many, many others in many different places and not, I might add, just by the “far left” but also by conservatives… Palin is, as Andrew Sullivan observed “a farce” and “a joke.” Indeed, as he added, “It’s absurd… it should be dismissed out of hand as the most irresponsible act any candidate has ever made.” Oh, and furthermore, I strongly suggest you read this most excellent piece by Tim Wise on “white privilege” as it provides much insight that’s been sorely lacking from certain quarters of the wingnutosphere concerning this issue.

Update: CNews describes the reactions that have been flooding into Fox News from irate “conservatives” across the USA in response to Mallick’s article. Here, for example, a fellow ideological traveler of “The Blogging Tories” wrote: “Those morons up north just can’t keep their ignorant mouths shut when it’s really none of their socialist business … the People’s Republic of Canada is no friend of the USA!” And of course they’ve been directly sending her e-mails too, such as the one from a fellow who wrote: “I’d love to punch you right in your chops and knock every tooth out of your head. Come see me bitch, I have something for you!”

Charming. There’s that “civility” thing again as it’s actually practiced by some of the more extreme elements of the right-wing…

Rachel Maddow!

Shoot, I’d almost completely forgotten that she has a brand new show on MSNBC. So, a little belated, but what better introduction than a clip of her talking to Bill Maher the other day about the current economic clusterfuck (excuse my “potty mouth” language, but there seems no better word for it).

Why do we adore Rachel Maddow so much? Well, obvious reasons aplenty, but let’s start with a specific one right here. Unlike the moronic chuckleheads over at CNN (aka “the best political team since the invention of the salad spinner” or some such balderdash) she’s one of the few people to actually question why anyone this side of Jupiter should be listening to McCain advisor Carly Fiorina.

In case you didn’t know, Fiorina (whose middle name is “Sneed” – I kid you not) was CEO of Hewlett-Packard from July 1999 to February 2005. Firorina described her hapless efforts at that venerable company as an attempt to “Reinvent HP” — something it seems that involved a series of strategic blunders, consequent loss of market share, a 44 percent drop in stock price, and the axing of 7,000 jobs. Oh, and here’s the sweet part, after being forced out of the company amidst much bitter public controversy she received $21 million in cash and an estimated $50 million in stock options. Yeah, like anyone needs her advice about leadership, the economy and the egregious wickedness of “golden parachutes.” But again, it’s all lies all the time — nothing but hypocrisy, bullshit, bafflegab and so on coming out of the McCain campaign these days.

And in semi-related news, an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Friday indicated that slightly more people would rather watch a football game with Barack Obama than with John McCain. Nice to see that many Americans still haven’t learned their lesson.

A New Low

I’ll have to confess that I’ve got some mixed feelings about the latest round of negative attack ads from the Liberals. On the one hand, I wish they had kept to communicating an upbeat, optimistic message about their bright, shiny new “Green Shift” plan and the dreamy vision of a greener, more prosperous economy filled with “green manufacturing” jobs and lovely multicultural people feeling all misty about their low-emission, carbon-free future…

But on the other hand, the Conservative slime merchants, sleazebags, character assassins, and backroom cabal of hatchet men (not to mention the frothing horde of slackwits queuing up for the latest sale on pitch-forks and torches at Wal-Mart) have been relentlessly hammering away at Dion and the Liberals in general as being the embodiment of corruption, moral decrepitude, faggotry, spineless dhimmitude, and all-around evil incarnate for years now, so, you know what… fuck it. Really. Screw you and the whole dumbfuck train you rode in on.

Nice guys finish last, as we’re told with great Nietzschean certitude by our friends on the right who love nothing more than to triumphantly bark about how great achievements can only be made over top piles of lesser, weaker creatures mercilessly crushed underfoot. So fine. Right back at ya…

When Brownshirts Attack!

Target du Jour: The CBC

Okay, never mind that multi-billion-billion dollar meltdown on Wall Street last week (described by some as the potential “death of capitalism”) that our own economy missed by a “close shave,” or the somewhat horrifying $22 billion forecast coming out of Dalhousie University about long term costs of the war in Afghanistan, or the latest victim of the contaminated meat scandal maybe arising out of our own misguided venture into the whacky world of deregulation (that’s so yesterday) ; and instead, let’s focus our attention on the really important issues of the day, shall we?

I refer specifically to the latest Outrage du jour from the right, that being the remarks made by Heather Mallick in a recent “beyond vicious” column on the CBC’s website. And of course, by “recent” I mean weeks ago, that was until it got picked up by Fox News and thereby suddenly assumed global importance — at least to the nattering ninnies of negativism, somewhat better known as “The Blogging Tories” — Steven Taylor’s clearinghouse for the opinions of the mentally unbalanced. Well, let’s go to the video first…

Goodness me, can you imagine anything more incredibly vile or heinous? Let the shaming and scolding begin! And… we’re off the races. At Crock-of-the-Matter (where commentary and opinion have sex, apparently), superannuated political busy-body and notorious Harper fellatrix Sandy Crux quite predictably conflates the CBC (a crown corporation) with the government in a ridiculous hypothetical “what if” false comparison and uses Mallick’s injudicious remarks to blast “most in the media” who Sandy thinks “need a reality check” — which you can get here, by the way… although you can only use the information for good and not eeeeeevil, otherwise it’s a violation of copyright; or something.

Over at Blue Like You — a waystation for refilling your hand baskets on the road to Hell, apparently — its passive-aggressive proprietor rolls out of bed to deliver an “Important Note to U.S. Readers!” informing their otherwise troubled minds with the soothing news that “Heather Mallick and the CBC do not speak for me!” Phew! That’s a relief to know.

Light comedy aside, the trumped up outrage is of course just another opportune moment for people like Sandy, Joanne and their camp followers to briefly unleash the seething visceral anti-CBC furies that dwell inside them, much like the flesh-eating “people under the stairs” in the film of the same name. It doesn’t take a great deal of “nutpicking” to run across comments like this:

Firing all the staff at the CBC is NOT the solution. Or at least not the entire solution. The CBC should be dismantled the equipment destroyed or sold off shore, the building sold or demolished and legislation passed prohibiting severance pay for all of the fired people, THEN publicly funded broadcasting should be constitutionally banned. The CBC or its equivalent must never be allowed to be resurrected again.

I’m sure there are probably much worse solutions envisaged for the folks at the “mothercorp” but I really couldn’t be bothered to go venturing further. What all this “outrage” misses it seems is the fact that, as was pointed out in a letter re-printed by Jonathan Kay in the National Post this morning, the heading “Analysis & Viewpoint” more than suggests but is a plain statement of fact: this is merely the opinion of a single writer and in no way at all should it be necessarily be construed as being the “official” position of the broadcaster. Sure, it’s a controversial opinion, but what’s wrong with that? Indeed, as the CBC executive notes, it’s part of their mandate and obligation under the federal Broadcasting Act to “offer a range of views on matters of public interest and concern.”

Are people like Sandy, Joanne, et. al., seriously suggesting that all “opinion” expressed on the CBC should conform to some state-approved party line? I suspect that this would be fine with them, provided that the “state” in question was the Harper regime and the CBC was simply churning out propaganda in “Pravda” like fashion. But let’s say that’s not what they have in mind… what then? A state broadcaster that more cautiously restricts the opinions expressed to ensure that that some churlish, reckless loudmouth doesn’t offend our largest trading partner? That is, of course, presuming that anyone concerned themselves overly much with what Heather Mallick may say or write.

Well, we could go on with this hypothetical exercise at great length but to little point; the bottom line is that the aforementioned ninnies want nothing less than the abolishment of the CBC and the reason for that is that they simply cannot stand diversity of opinion. It’s ironic really, considering that otherwise they fancy themselves to be champions of “free speech” but when it comes to actually practicing it on our public broadcasting systems, this concept rankles them no end. Anything that deviates from the “shining path” of their ideology or that fails to sufficiently pleasure their sensibilities must be exterminated.

At the risk of being regarded as somewhat hyperbolic, it’s another fine manifestation in my opinion of the “eternal fascism” described by Umberto Ecco. In Laurence Britt’s redefinition of that tract, control of the media is an essential feature of the fascist mindset and agenda. To people so disposed in their thinking, independent broadcasters like the CBC that may not always be politically compatible with the power elite are a potentially harmful conduit for dissent — something that must be crushed at all costs.

Or perhaps not… Maybe I’m reading far too much into their reaction, which could just be the knee-jerk response of a couple of remarkably dull, insipid individuals to some silly, hysterical rubbish broadcast on Fox News.

Update: Heh. Heather Mallick is un-American!

Lisa Raitt: Blog Death Watch (Day 2)

Special “Mission Semi-Accomplished” Edition

The IT fun-foilers at Ms. Raitt’s place may seem to have thought they were sucking the life out of our little jest by removing comments entirely from her Potemkin “blog” — which now consists of her “articles” alone (which themselves are rich in comedy). But we’re not entirely done here, for there’s still the matter of removing the now-irksome and totally irrelevant word “blog” (denoted in an all-too-cutesy font) from her propaganda pop-stand.

So the “Death Watch” continues!

Update: Garth has a round-up of blog reactions to his opponent’s hapless blogging efforts. And just to avoid confusion about this, let’s be clear — it’s really a lot more than just a silly “Gotcha!” moment. Well at least for me…

I truly believe that it speaks more broadly to a certain mindset and frame of reference, if you will, when it comes to interacting with constituents and the public at large. The Liberals are no great shakes in this regard either and it’s only just now that my local MP has seen fit to launch a more interactive website. It’s something that I’m quite passionate about however, as I believe, however naïve it may seem, that such efforts are essential to creating a greater sense of engagement between citizens and their elected representatives.

Update2: The laughable irony of the comment noted below (screen-capped from Turner’s blog) should be rather self-evident, but it says something to the demented nature of his critics that are it would seem quite entirely oblivious to the clarion call of cognitive dissonance.

A Mortgage in Every Pot

Olbermann talks to Chris Hayes of The Nation about the latest round of bailouts and the now familiar scenario of privatized profit and socialized loss that’s come to characterize he so-called “free market economy” as it’s been crafted by the imagineers of Bushworld over the past eight years, that yesterday resulted in the biggest government intervention in financial markets since the 1930s.

Appearing on CNBC yesterday, Sen. Charles Schumer described the doomsday scenario delivered by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke during their meeting Thursday night with members of Congress.

Well, if the credit markets remain frozen and no one can get loans and banks can’t transfer, then the whole economy basically comes to a halt. There is no — there’s no lending. No one buys cars, because you can’t get a car loan. People don’t go to stores, because you can’t get a credit card loan. Small businesses don’t grow and even some of them don’t continue, because they can’t get a line of credit.

The picture that was painted was not that just Wall Street firms were having trouble, but all of our financial markets, and the potential of a long freeze in the veins of our system as — could kill the patient.

Yikes! Kill the patient… pretty grim stuff. Meanwhile, John McCain indicated on Friday that he doesn’t know the first thing about the role of the Fed, stating at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin that “the Federal Reserve should get back to its core business of responsibly managing our money supply and inflation. It needs to get out of the business of bailouts.” McCain it seems doesn’t understand that the prevention of large-scale bank failures (aka “bailouts”) is an essential part of responsibly managing the money supply. Oy. Did I mention that he was a POW?