Go Keith!

Nice to see that Dr. Martin has (finally!) got a decent website up and running, so I just wanted to give it a plug. Nicely executed for the most part and, oh look… it has a blog that actually works and takes comments. Imagine that!

For whatever it may be worth, I’ll be providing a little “better know your riding” profile on my bailiwick of Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca and a rundown of the candidates in due course, but in the meantime I’d encourage any voters in my specific neck of the woods to check out Keith’s new site (just click on the picture above) to find out more.

Lisa Raitt: Blog Death Watch (Day 1)

Here’s something else to keep an eye on. Lisa Raitt is the Conservative candidate in Halton running against the conveniently Liberal incumbent, Garth Turner. Lisa has a “blog” — something that we know because her “cookie cutter” Conservative website has been badly modified to purport as much.

But uh-oh! There’s a slight problem with her so-called “blog” — it doesn’t work. Well, at least that is if commenting on it or interacting in any way is the essential criterion by which we determine what’s meant by that blogalicious term. As Canadian Cynic has previously observed, it didn’t allow any comments at all. Each post (called an “article” here) indicated that “comments are closed” — not that they were ever open.

A subtle change has taken place since then however. Shazam! Now, at the bottom of each post, it says: “No comments so far.” Below that is a hyperlink indicating “No comments.” A bit of a mixed message — at once inviting and prohibitive. When the link is clicked on, it simply takes you back up to the top of the page — a bad layout that offers up a lot of white space forcing the reader to scroll back down to even read the “article.” And again, no comments.

Cynic has launched a “comment watch” to see “how long it takes for CPoC candidate and hermetically-sealed douchebag Lisa Raitt to finally open up her blog for public comments.”

Here at RT3.0 we’re placing our bets on a complete “disappearance” of the blog for one reason or another before being opened to any kind of input from the rabble in the way the Garth subjects himself to public input (whether it be bouquets or brickbats) over at his place day in and day out.

Update: Some obvious corrections made and a new graphic added. I’ll change it and re-post a new one every day the comments aren’t open to public input. Also, we note that the status has changed back to “comments are off”…

Update2: Hey Lisa… Not that you’re probably in the least bit interested, but THIS is how it’s supposed to be done.

Democracy Inaction

Meanwhile, over at the other bookend of Canada, Ed Hollett points out a “study in contrasts” between the McGuinty government that just shuffled its cabinet ahead of the Ontario legislature’s fall session and that of Newfoundland where the legislature has been postponed for one or possibly two months due to the local machinations and/or anti-Harper distractions of Danny Williams.

It’s hard to sympathize over much. Here in British Columbia, the supremely arrogant “Liberal” government of Gordon Campbell announced the other week that it was canceling the fall sitting of the provincial legislature and won’t recall it until February of next year.

According to Liberal house leader Mike de Jong, there’s simply no need for an additional session. “This year, the government doesn’t wish to advance any legislation,” he said. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! As incredible as it may seem to folks in other provinces, this is actually the second time the Campbell government has canceled a legislative sitting since it was elected nearly four years earlier. Can you imagine what would happen if McGuinty did that?

Even more laughably, Campbell said that cabinet ministers are going to spend the time speaking directly with British Columbians on “how we can share the prosperity” across B.C. Translation: several months of taxpayer-funded electioneering across the province, doling out goodies to various ridings (i.e., vote-buying) in advance of next spring’s election.

Take it as a cautionary lesson perhaps. This is the high-handed, autocratic manner in which Conservatives (don’t let the name fool you, the Campbell government is not liberal) govern when they have a majority.

Blair on The Daily Show

How strange watching Tony Blair on TDS last night. Stranger still was the enthusiastic applause that he received from the audience. People really are clueless. But as the ITN News commenter dryly remarked, Americans did take him to heart for whatever reason — perhaps because, unlike George Bush, he was so much better at articulating his earnest convictions about the war in Iraq; completely wrong-headed though they were.

Speaking of TDS/TCR, Harper was briefly featured on The Colbert Report last night in a segment called “Smokin’ Pole” about the multinational scramble for “Arctic Booty” (“90 billion barrels of undiscovered oil, 1.67 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and the corpses of all the elves that tried to unionize”). Of the new arctic army permanent reserve that will only be made up of a hundred members, it was noted that “Canadian military experts say that ‘the symbolism is important’ — especially when the Russians shoot them with metaphorical bullets,” Colbert quipped.

Political Parties For Dumb Arses

Bet you didn’t know there were sixteen political parties competing in Canada’s 40th Federal election, did you? Via the folks at the Marijuana Party here they are for your edification…

Amongst the more obscure eligible ones are the Work Less Party and the People’s Political Power Party of Canada. The ineligible parties are even better: The Malevolent Party; The Absolutely Absurd Party (not to be confused with the Canadian Nazi Party); The Party Party; and so on.

Not sure why they decided to run Tom Cochrane’s song through an intercom speaker… go figure. I’d recommend turning the volume off — it’s really annoying.

FEC, SEC… Whatever

Good grief, when are people going to wake up and admit this old coot is senile?

Okay, so maybe that’s unfair. Maybe he’s not suffering from the onset of dementia, but rather more, as Gore Vidal said: “McCain is the village idiot. He is very, very stupid, even by American standards.”

Dangerously Risky Rae Days

Here’s a negative web attack ad from the Conservatives. Well, at least I assume they’re responsible for this effort as the production values seem a bit too slick for an amateur job, although it’s not authorized and doesn’t mention the Conservatives by name.

Is it possible that the ad was made by “Lisa” the “23 year old animation student living in Canada” who had to “make a youtube channel for class” and only joined YouTube yesterday? Her sole other video is a Carrie Bradshaw interview, but maybe that’s just there to throw people off and give it the look of verismilitude. I love the faux innocent comment that accompanies the video:

Stephane Dion has a new policy advisor: Bob Rae! Yes. That Bob Rae.

My parents hated Bob Rae when I was a kid and I couldn’t believe it when my dad called to tell me he was now helping the Liberals.

I dunno, does that sound a little contrived, or am I just being overly conspiratorial here?

Whatever the case, it’s quite the hit job. I especially like the almost subliminal whispering of “dangerous” and “risky” in the background (listen very carefully) which are then more forthrightly announced at the end. Anyway as “Lisa” would say “Toodles!”

“It’s Completely Different”

Well of course it is, silly. It only looks like the kind of pricey vote-buying that Stephen Harper pledged to avoid this campaign. (A pledge that he made after having already unloaded $20 billion in goodies over the last couple of months…)

Hmmm. Funny how the explanation of promises having already been accounted for in the “fiscal framework” never quite seemed to fly with Harper when it was Paul Martin making the promises that weren’t really promises… But again, that was completely different.

Cannon Fodder

Ah ha. Here’s the APTN report on Lawrence Cannon’s assistant insulting remarking towards aboriginal people that provides a lot more context than was offered up by the coverage on CTV or CBC.

The Ottawa Sun has more on the story including how the incident is being received by the Quebec native community in question. Presumably it may have wider implications amongst other aboriginal communities also…