Who knew that the Conservatives were just so gosh-darned funny? First, Health Minister Tony Clement cracking wise at a swank lunch in Denver and now Gerry Ritz firing off some really snappy quips about the listeriosis crisis. Maybe Janke can tell us how deep the post-holes should be on that gallows…

Update: Liveblogging from Ritz’s apologia here.

You know, I think the whole purpose of this newser was to give the networks footage other than that airport clip, where he refuses to answer, and eventually someone – possibly Ritz – tells the reporter to “Get out of my face.” This twenty seconds of public penance was awkward, short and pointless…

26 Replies to “D’oh!”

  1. Real Action?
    Real Results?
    Real Class?

    How do they walk without dragging their knuckles anyway?

  2. What kills me is that expect the rest of us to buy the blather they spew about good old fashion values and small town civility. They’re always laughing at other people’s misfortune….that’s the thing that seems to define them most uniquely.

    Ignorant jerks.

  3. Mike Duffy was all over this tonight too. The more we hear of Conservative mindsets, the more I can’t understand why anyone would vote for them. They represent the people, yet seem to hate the people at the same time. Are those voters, fellow Canadians, really this cold hearted that they would vote for Conservatives?

    I don’t think Harper is removed from this behaviour either. He just hides it better, most of the time. His team is simply a copy of him. Scary.

  4. “What kills me is that [they] expect the rest of us to buy the blather they spew about good old fashion values and small town civility.”

    Well the daft rubes sure seem to be looking through a different lens, don’t they?

    It’s like two parallel, but completely opposite universes/dimensions.

    One could lose all his hair scratching his head trying to figure it out.

    I guess the premise is true – the voting public is stupid.

    How else to explain it?

  5. How else to explain it?

    I think it’s more an issue of poor socialisation. People are simply not being told enough what is appropriate and what isn’t and that’s persisting far into adulthood. I can imagine saying something like that when I was 14 and someone telling me off, but apparently, that doesn’t happen all that much.

    Black humour is not something you throw around casually.

  6. “Black humour is not something you throw around casually.”

    A very good point.

    Not to discredit/argue, but these monkeys are public politicians and so-called leaders of the country for Christ’s sake.

    Certainly, a much higher standard is expected, by the general public at least.

  7. And in a related regulatory matter that has also caused concern, but received little attention, has not Harper’s government decided to transfer aviation safety oversight to the airline companies themselves?

  8. Any bets Harper and his goons are at this very moment trying to dig up some opposition party dirt for their usual ‘counter attack’?

    High probability, I’d say.

  9. RT:

    Unbelievable, but not sure if I can laugh.

    Grand anti-CON bias and conspiracies all over the place again – the media, the bureaucracy, you name it.

    I couldn’t take any more of it; I had to come back to reality.

  10. RT:

    Any chance you’ll be posting about the Dipper candidate who was forced to resign for copious drug use?

    Now that I find hilarious.

    And your ‘verbiage’ and sarcastic wit cannot be matched.

  11. get descended on by the usual bunch of denizens from Joanne’s

    Gah, the harridan Alberta Girl was there. She was over at Garth Turner’s blog today yelling at everyone there as well.

    What a sot. I think she’s been screaming her fool head off for three years solid now.

  12. Ti-Guy — I heard about the Dippers giving that guy the heave-ho yesterday, but didn’t really think much of it. Maybe if I get some free time later in the day I’ll have a poke at it.

  13. Don’t forget the acid and other chemical stuff.

    Man, the guy came off as a real stoner, in the Tommy Chong sort of way.

  14. About the joke, I know he shouldn’t have said it, but it was kind of funny in a black humour kind of way. There was someone just now on CBC talking about how doctors and nurses and public health officials end up making these kind of jokes to relieve the stress when they are dealing with overwhelming disaster.

    I know I was making some horrific jokes when the baby was in the NICU. An outsider would’ve likely assumed I was a shitty mother, when in reality I was just trying not to rip my hair out.

    Sooo, any possibility this guy was doing something reasonable, just not something he should’ve done in earshot of the press?

  15. I don’t think he should have to resign over a tasteless joke although it does speak to a cavalier, insensitive sort of attitude. If these are the kinds of people Canadians want to have running the government, now’s the opportunity to make their voices heard in that respect.

  16. You’re right. Let’s forgive the Cons for their outrageous comments and behaviour. They’re only human after all.

    Poor dears…

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