A Question of Credibility

Who are you going to believe when it comes to the possible impacts of the Liberals’ proposed Green Shift on farmers?

Jason Kenney, a junior minister responsible for “Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity” (*snort*), with no real-world business experience or academic qualifications whatsoever, who’s only job outside of elected office was the head of two right-wing political advocacy organizations and who is now “acting as the human incarnation of Oily the Splot” to quote Kady O’Malley.

Or… Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Bob Friesen, the new Liberal candidate for Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia, a man who’s served in numerous executive and advisory capacities within the agricultural industry over the last twenty years and who also, until just recently, ran a turkey and hog farm outside of Winnipeg.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.


40 Replies to “A Question of Credibility”

  1. Hm… well, as they are both politicians running in the next election, I am inclined to take what both of them say with a grain of salt. What are the experts on economy and environment saying?

  2. “…with no real-world business experience or academic qualifications whatsoever…”

    That phrase pretty much sums up the whole Conservative caucus.

  3. “Seems like a no-brainer to me.”

    The problem is that no grey matter within the current CON corrupt cognoscenti ever evolved.

  4. “What are the experts on economy and environment saying?”
    Carbon Tax

    A carbon tax is an environmental tax on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It is an example of a pollution tax.

    The intention of a carbon tax is environmental: to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and thereby slow climate change. It can be implemented by taxing the burning of fossil fuels — coal, petroleum products such as gasoline and aviation fuel, and natural gas — in proportion to their carbon content. Unlike other approaches such as carbon cap-and-trade systems, direct taxation has the benefit of being easily understood and can be popular with the public if the revenue from the tax is returned by reducing other taxes. Alternatively, it may be used to fund environmental projects.[1]

    In economic theory, pollution is considered a negative externality because it has a negative effect on a party not directly involved in a transaction.

    To confront parties with the issue, the economist Arthur Pigou proposed taxing the goods (in this case fossil fuels) which were the source of the negative externality (carbon dioxide) so as to accurately reflect the cost of the goods’ production to society, thereby internalizing the costs associated with the goods’ production. A tax on a negative externality is termed a Pigovian tax, and should equal the marginal damage costs.

    A carbon tax is an indirect tax — a tax on a transaction — as opposed to a direct tax, which taxes income. As a result, some American conservatives have supported such a carbon tax because it taxes at a fixed rate, independent of income, which complements their support of a flat tax.[2]

    Prices of carbon (fossil) fuels are expected to continue increasing as more countries industrialize and add to the demand on fuel supplies. In addition to creating incentives for energy conservation, a carbon tax would put renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal on a more competitive footing, stimulating their growth. Former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker suggested (February 6, 2007) that “it would be wiser to impose a tax on oil, for example, than to wait for the market to drive up oil prices.”[3]


  5. “The problem is that no grey matter within the current CON corrupt cognoscenti ever evolved.”

    Thats because they’ve only been evolving for 6000 years.

  6. Conveniently, you left Dion off the list. There’s a shock. It certainly isn’t a Liberal leader who claimed not to change “one comma” and is now following in the footsteps of Paul Martin by trying to be all things to all people. You Liberals must be so proud.

    Some things never change.

  7. This list:

    “…Jason Kenney….Or… Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Bob Friesen…”

  8. Uh-huh. Right. Then what about Garth Turner’s comments upon the initial release of the Green Shift? Look, I don’t understand why you’re even holding your nose here. You’re smarter than that.

    If I were a Liberal, I’d be publicly screaming for a leader that could actually make a difference instead of one that’s going to hand Harper a majority government. But whatever.

  9. Apparently, you don’t know what the word “list” means.

    But I guess it was necessary to frame your remark that way to drag Dion into it and try to score your stupid point from that.

  10. What the f*** are these CON trolls even talking about?

    Nothing they say seems to make any sense, but then again, that’s pretty much par for the course.

  11. Robert, just a word of advice…think about what you’re saying before you say it. You sound like an idiot.

  12. What the f*** are these CON trolls even talking about?

    Who the hell knows. I don’t think one of them has made any sense since 2002.

  13. Geez do these Cons not take timeout to read, or just spew out of their mouths what their leader utters. This really gets repetitive, and very boring!

  14. Robert,

    A new “Con Troll” just for you cuz your so tough to get down on the mat.

    Your problem is even if your right, you lose. At 6:36 you gave a sparkling little epistle on taxation that may make sense at a lecture on economics but doesn’t cut it against:

    “…its a tax on everything…”.

    You don’t seem to get it. Dion can have the best speech maker and the best material for Canadian’s but he is still the University Prof most likely to give in for 10 more marks on your exam.

    He has the charisma and strength of wet TP. Its not his fault, its YOUR fault for drinking the convention kool aid in Montreal and voting the guy in. You may have done better with Volpe.

  15. “By the way, some unnamed source said that about Dion, we don’t know that he actually said that.”

    You know what’s funny? On his own blog he got after me for relying on the same “unnamed source” to criticize Harper (although I never actually did that). When I pointed out he did the same thing here, he told me to “pound salt”.

    Anyhoo, as for the topic of the post, I heard somewhere (here?) the plan is to keep Kenny in Ottawa to give his daily news briefings to the media during the campaign. I guess they must believe he is a shoe in for re-election. Mind you, he is running in Calgary, where the only necessary qualification for election is to run as a conservative, so they probably have a point.

  16. Mind you, he is running in Calgary, where the only necessary qualification for election is to run as a conservative…

    Actually, in Kenney’s riding, a more pressing qualification seems to be perpetual virginity. Kenney is thus perfect, as he is clearly in no position to lose that particular electoral asset.

    [Dion] has the charisma and strength of wet TP

    How fortunate for him, then, that he faces an antagonist with the charisma and strength of dry TP.

    The tedious, barely intelligible Liberal milquetoast has been giving your “brilliant”, tin-wreathed, bolo-tie Napoleon a real run for his money. Rather embarrassing for you guys, no?

  17. Gayle,

    I think the CPC has set things up well. Jason Kenney is the little master of everything. Having him playing point guard always ready for a media quote ensures that the CPC message is always available.

    In regards to agricultural policy, if Dion is still flogging the wheat board than his credibility is still a flaming ball of sh&% flying through the freaking window.

  18. Sir Francis,

    You sir, are correct. Dion is fortunate that Harper also faces a personality disorder. Just think where the LPC would be in Stock Day was their opponent?

    “Tory Times are Tough Times… for Liberals”

  19. Gee, I thought the point of the post was fairly straightforward. Does Kenney have any credibility to speak on the issue in terms of personal experience and knowledge when it comes to how this proposed plan will impact farmers, or not? I mean, compared to you know… a guy who actually knows all the ins and outs of farming from both a micro and macro level.

    Somehow it ended up being a discussion about toilet paper…

  20. Well, toilet paper IS important (at least when you run out…).

    I do not think Kenny has any credibility to speak on many issues, but it appears he will be the point man on everything. Maybe cons think he is likeable or something.

  21. Maybe he has some hidden talents or abilities that are just lost on me. To me, he just seems like a vacuous political hack. I thought his job was pandering to ethnic voting blocs… What’s he doing handling this brief?

  22. Maybe he has some hidden talents or abilities that are just lost on me…

    Nah. I just think you fail to accord the appropriate weight to the ten Cracker Jack box tops and correct answer to the skill-testing question that Kenney sent in to Frito-Lay’s “Environmental Expert” contest.

  23. So, what have the Cons got against nerds? Oh, it’s a sin to be smart.

    Boy, nerds are bad – just ask Bill Gates.

    Charisma? Harper has any? Hmmm…there’s been some terrific leaders that had no charisma….FDR, Mackenzie King.

    You never know…..Dewey wins comes to mind.

    Those who constantly look for faults in others are insecure and inadequate and it makes them feel better about themselves if they attack – problem with that is, it doesn’t make them better.

  24. Gayle,

    The Wheat Board is not supported by the western farmers. It is supported, by itself, its own bureaocracy seems to be 100% behind it.

    Its supported by politician’s who don’t give a flying fig for the farmer’s in western Canada.

    And by people, like you (not me) who don’t farm but vote, and see the Wheat Board as some bastion keeping Canada from being swallowed up by Cargill, you know, the Anti-American voter that Stephane Dion wants to woo.

    Its a political charade, its not the basis of farm policy, only the basis to keeping our ggood little prairie farmers from actually growing crops and selling them for real prices.

    And what about the new economy where we buy everything without trucking it half way across Canada? What’s the Wheat Pool’s view on local sales?

  25. RT,

    You like joking about the light weights of the CPC when comparing them to the big brained people in the LPC.

    Just a word of advice, it doesn’t sell in Peoria. Having a bunch of Toronto eggheads just makes everybody remember those grand times with Allan Rock as our national healthcare and gun care savior.

    …have I mentioned Jane Stewart yet?

    And tell the LPC to quit telling eveyone that Martha Hall Findlay is “bench strength”. If people keep referring to stuff like that, your credibility will also be suspect. She has done exactly what?

    Back to Kenney, I get the impression that you don’t want him talking about agriculture, or anything else for that matter. Please remember that they are all just politician’s and that they are technically competent at pretty much nothing. Including the big heads your party is so proud of from TO.

  26. Funny – the Wheat Board was set up many years ago by the “Conservatives”…now they don’t like it.

    Why isn’t Baird out there on the environment? Why is Jason Kenney doing Gary Ritz job? Why is Gary Ritz doing Clements job?

    Can’t anyone in the CPC handle their own files?

    I bet Jason Kenney never got his hands dirty in his feminine life.

  27. “The Wheat Board is not supported by the western farmers.”

    You better tell those farmers who took the time to come to Edmonton and protest at the provincial legislature.

    How about the ones who elected pre-wheat board members to the wheat board.

    I am not saying that any Alberta farmer is actually going to vote for anyone but the CPC, but I suggest you get your facts straight.

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