Holy Joe: Republican Attack Dog

Clueless or delusional? It’s a toss-up, mudfortunately…

Oh well, if nothing else, it gives me a chance to post this hilarious fake commercial from when he ran against Ned Lamont in 2006 (a real Democrat, not a whiny, backstabbing little bitch).

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Blair and Power (Part 1)

“From public adulation to defiant isolation – this is the story of a man who discovered himself, but lost the British people.”

Built around a series of in-depth interviews with Blair, conducted by well-known (and controversially pro-Iraq) British journalist David Aaronovitch, the film is in two parts: Blair at War and Blair and Power. Both episodes contain interviews with Blair’s cronies, opponents and other world leaders such as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Hans Blix, Bertie Ahern and Joschka Fischer.

In Blair, the former PM talks candidly about the major events that marked his premiership: his close alliance with America; his success (and later, failure) at forging international coalitions to tackle threats to world peace; the rise of Islamic extremism and his predicted, bleak future of the Iraq war:

“The enemy that we’re fighting has learnt, I’m afraid, that our stomach for this fight is limited. And I believe that they think that they can wait us out. Our determination has got to match theirs and our will has got to be stronger than theirs and at the moment I think it’s probably not.” – Tony Blair, Blair at War.

When Blair aired on BBC1 in Nov/Dec last year (watched by over two million people) it was to much controversy. Some saw it as an attempt by Blair to get even with his successor, Gordon Brown, for his alleged treachery. Brown refused to take part in the documentary, in which he’s described as acting like a surly teenage son who “growled” and “glared” at Blair in Cabinet meetings.
Source: SBS Australia.

The Palin Express

Here’s a really smart move. Tick off the queen bee of the hardcore right’s anti-feminist, anti-choice movement by canceling a planned appearance at the Republican National Coalition for Life being held in her honour.

“I think this is clearly somebody in the McCain campaign who doesn’t understand where the votes are coming from,” Schlafly told ABC News. “They only told me this at 10 o’clock last night, and it was a call from somebody down-the-line in the McCain campaign. The pro-lifers who paid $95 to come to this event because of Sarah Palin are going to be very unhappy,” she added.

Bookmakers have lowered the odds of McCain dumping Sarah Palin as his running mate from 20-1 to 8-1 today, with odds of Palin leaving the ticket at 14-1 compared to 28-1 before yesterday’s news about her teenage daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy. Other bets on offer include 33-1 that she will be gone by the end of the week and 10-1 that she’ll quite the race.

Economy: Second Worst in G7!

According to one of the Dear Leader’s “main street Canadians” in his first “pre-writ” election campaign ad — the young fellow with the enormous, gas-guzzling pick-up truck — Stephen Harper is “the steady hand we need when the world’s economy is so uncertain.” Really? Would that be the same “steady hand” whose sound fiscal governance has resulted in Canada going from the leading performer in the G7 under the Liberals to the second worst?

The OECD has chopped its outlook for Canada for 2008 and now predicts the national economy will expand at the second slowest pace in the industrialized world.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said Tuesday Canada’s economy will expand by only 0.8 per cent for the year, down from its previous prediction for annual growth of 1.2 per cent.

Only Italy, which the international organization forecasts to grow by a feeble 0.5 per cent, would perform worse than Canada among the G7 economies if the prediction holds.

All things being equal amongst the countries in question operating as they do in a global economy, what’s changed between then and now? Hmmm.

Update: John Deere is closing their plant in Welland putting 800 out of work (not to mention the ripple effect).

Batters Down (and Out)

Well, there’s that little mystery finally resolved. Tory MP Dave Batters released a statement today saying:

“I have been ill for the past few months, dealing with anxiety and depression. As well, I overcame a dependency on certain prescribed medications (benzodiazepines). I make this very personal disclosure with the hope that others who suffer from these conditions will seek the assistance they need.”

Not to diminish his condition in any way, but it’s good news to hear it wasn’t something more serious. I hope everything works out for him in his future endevours.

Interesting selection for the Liberals in Palliser. Should make it a little difficult to paint the Libs as “soft on crime” when their candidate is the former chief of the Regina Police Service.

Silly Tucker

Enjoy the hilarity of watching McCain aide Tucker Bounds squirm and prevaricate like mad attempting to evade CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s questions about Sarah Palin’s experience as “Commander” of the Alaska National Guard.

Another wet-behind-the-ears, preppy right-wing spokesweasel with a funny name — this guy could be Kory Teneycke’s brother!

Dion: Post “Charade” Presser

Stéphane Dion speaking to reporters after his meeting the other day with Stephen “straight up guy” Harper.

Oh, I guess this was just after he fell into the “trap” set for him by Harper, according to Mike Duffy.

Update: I just noticed this was posted on YouTube by Jeff. Thanks Jeff! (Watch that channel or better yet, subscribe.)

“Meet Our MPs”

Hmmm. They bear an uncanny resemblance to the Dear Leader’s family.

Isn’t this personality cult thing going a little overboard? The Conservatives have redesigned their site to put their “adult” face on (no more bullet-hole riddled pictures of the enemy, Dion, for example) but every single page is stuffed with pictures of Harper, more Harper and still more Harper. Talk about narcissistic.

Conservatives on Edukashun

From the comments to this story regarding an Environics survey of parents and former students commissioned by the CBC on the state of education in Canada by someone called “westelca21”:

Isn’t the whole idea of a liberal based education system, to dum down Canadians, so they will not have any real cognitive abilities, and keep voting liberal?

Somewhere along the way Canada lost track of educating children as opposed to the liberal view of the government raising your children.

Now they want your kids at pre-school age, so they can start their brainwashing earlier, and leave no room for descent.


Sarah Palin: Pork Hoover

Never mind all that tawdry family-related stuff (and there’s plenty of that) about Sarah Palin, or that she’s stunningly ignorant about American history, or that she never had a passport until last year, would it surprise you in the least that it turns out the pork-fighting ultra-conservative is a hypocritical phony?

As reported in the Washington Post this morning, in addition to being an enthusiastic supporter of the infamous “bridge to nowhere” before she was against it, she “employed a lobbying firm to secure almost $27 million in federal earmarks for a town of 6,700 residents while she was its mayor, according to an analysis by an independent government watchdog group.” Some examples include: a $500,000 for a youth shelter; $450,000 to rehabilitate an agricultural processing facility; $1.9 million for a transportation hub; $900,000 for sewer repairs; and $15 million for a rail project. All of this intended for a town of less than 7,000 people — a benefit of approx. $4,000 in federal earmarks for every single resident!

Of course, had John McCain’s campaign vetted her properly instead of caving into pressure from evangelical whackaloons, he might have found all this for himself instead of reading about it in the press just prior to his nomination.

Update: More about what the Palin pick says about McCain’s judgment, this time from Dan Larison in The American Conservative: “If you want an idea of what a McCain administration would be like, imagine the last eight years and then remove whatever common sense and competence there has been and you will be close.”