Obama-Biden on 60 Minutes

In case you missed the broadcast last night, here’s the interview by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes with the two men running at the top of the Democratic ticket. There seems to be a palpable comfort level between them on a personal level which is reassuring even though they may not see eye-to-eye on all the issues, but then my read of it could be biased. Undecided voters and intractable critics may well see things in the piece that are simply lost on me.

This part made me chuckle:

You went and sipped beer, which I know you don’t particularly like — I mean you even…,” Kroft remarked.

“Steve, I had a beer last night. I mean, where do these stories come from, man?” Obama asked.

“I’m the one… [that] doesn’t drink,” Biden pointed out.

“Where does the story come from that… I don’t like beer? …C’mon, man,” Obama said.

Good on Obama for nipping that one in the bud, so to speak.

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