By-Election Fever Hits Guelph

I can’t wait for some feculent “Blogging Tory” to suggest that the anti-Liberal vandalism and sabotaging of vehicles owned by Liberal supporters was the work of agent provocateurs trying to make the Conservative party look bad.

Wanna bet? You know they will.

Update: More on this at Scott’s place and confirmation of the expected allegations here.

19 Replies to “By-Election Fever Hits Guelph”

  1. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    I see that loon Johnathon (aka Tom Robinson) is over at David Graham’s place being… well, a Conservative, I guess.

  2. Not being as well informed as yourself about blog posters, I wonder if this “Johnathon” is the same despicable troll who spews white supremacist rants at other sites, including CAITI.

    As for one “Harry S”, I’ve seen his filth many times at Garth Turner’s blog.

  3. Hey – not to change the subject, but on election scuttlebutt and rumors…

    not to change the subject, but since we’re talking election stuff, I’m hearing crazy things about the race against Baird in OWN these days…still no candidate even though elextion is only a few days away…and Bob C is apparently really scared of David Pratt…

    One of the OWN board members says that Bob C has personally been asked to be appointed by Dion to be the candidate – and is he mad about David Pratt jumping ahead of him – that’s why he’s demanding that the OWNFLA board appoint him as the candidate.

    But there’s another problem since this Ottawa U prof ElKadri has sold quite a few memberships of his own and wants an open nomination. ElKadri has apparently sold 500 memberships and David Pratt also said in the papers the other day that he’s also out selling hard.

    OWNFLA board is having an emergency meeting this tuesday (should be a total gongshow…) where Pratt, Chiarelli and ElKadri will have to make a case before a special committe as to why they are the best guy to take on that blowhard Baird. Then the board’s recommendation will be sent to Dion, who will appoint the candidate.

    What really ticks me off is this would totally break the OWNFLA constitution! how can we as Liberals say we respect democratic choice with this gongshow, especially when the nomination has been postponed at least twice to allow Bob C to be the candidate…I’m thinking that the fix is in to get Bob the nomination even though he can’t make a decision one way or another….and say what you will about Baird, but even he had to fight a nomination last time even though he was Doug Finley’s choice for candidate…

  4. If Liberal provocateurs wanted to do this, it would be odd to cite the Firearms act as the reason. That has been off the radar for mainstream Canada for years. C-484 maybe but not C-68.

  5. If you’d asked me what C-68 was, I wouldn’t have had a clue.

    It would be great if the police manage to actually track down the individual(s) in question.

  6. Scott — The problem is that he not only changes his name, but also his IP# by using third-parties in the U.S. I have a list of them here, but it doesn’t really do any good because they change all the time.

  7. At any rate, he’s the reason I originally switched to Haloscan. He finally apologized for it, but I note he shows up now and then to scold me to reading your blog.

  8. I don’t think he knows what he supports. It’s hardly material to what party he happens to delude himself into believing is commensurate with his particular brand of dementia.

  9. Red Tory:

    His IP has stayed consistent for the most part – at least on the blogs that have tracked him. The IP that Galloping Beaver posted of his is the same one that was showing up at my site consistently for a while before I finally tired of him and banned him and it.

  10. The blame game on neither side does any help to anyone. All people interested in democracy should be speaking out about this issue.

    Perhaps it comes not from a party but an anarchist group?

  11. Scott — I also tracked him back to Welland at and then when I blocked him, he started using different IP #s such as and which point to an outfit called Reflected Networks in Chicago. In any case, he should be reported to Cogeco (I believe that was his provider) and possibly even the RCMP.

  12. All parties have their… that should be kept under the carpet, you have your right wing nut jobs….and your left wing lunatics….can’t escape either of them at the end of the day.

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