Bill C-16: That Was Then

Glenn Hubbers, the Green Party candidate for Newmarket-Aurora takes an hilarious trip down memory lane with a number of Conservative luminaries speaking out on issue of fixed election dates. Here, for example, is Peter Van Loan from February of last year:

As I indicated, we have passed Bill C-16 on fixed election dates through the House of Commons. Never again will the government of the day be able to play around with the date of an election for its own crass political motives.

Never again! Well, until now of course, when everything is, you know, different.
As I’ve said before, Harper’s broken promise (presuming he goes ahead and does it) neither bothers nor surprises me in the least, but the flagrant hypocrisy of these sanctimonious phonies is still pretty droll.

Update: The Globe & Mail has a Rogue’s Gallery of sorts on this.


17 Replies to “Bill C-16: That Was Then”

  1. Saying one thing & doing another seems to be the unspoken motto of the Con party.
    They can’t be trusted on anything – other than we can “trust” them to not keep their word.

  2. It shouldn’t bother you. It would surprise me if it did. We wouldn’t want you to enter hypocritical territory, what, with how you defended Paul Martin during the last election and all.

  3. It shouldn’t be long before someone starts shrieking “AdScam!” and/or pointing to the Liberals’ famous flip-flop on the GST. In fairness, all politicians do this sort of thing. Still doesn’t make it right of course.

  4. The Boring Tories seems to be fellating themselves with the news that Dion is meeting Harper.

    Granted, it is piss-poor of Dion meeting him now.

    Regardless, Harper wants an election and meeting the opposition is only for show. Last season Harper prorogued Parliament and now seems to want a mulligan on this session.

    Bill C-16 was clear but it seems that the Connies do not respect the law. Was it not Doris Day that told gun owners to ignore the gun registry law?
    We can further look at the “in and out”, how Harper tried to bribe Cadman….

    A look over to the Boring Tories and they seem to have drunk the KoolAid that says there is no fixed election date with a minority government because PM Big Baby said so.
    You have to wonder how disjointed the Blogging Tories have to be to blame the upcoming election on the opposition when both leaders that have “spoken” with Harper have echoed the same sentiments. Harper wants an election – end of story.

    Of course none of this will matter once the election is declared.

  5. “…all politicians do this sort of thing.”

    True, unfortunately. Thus all the cynicism on politicians. But it seems to me that Harper & gang are more blatant with the lying & flip-flopping – or more of it than usual. And their mean-spiritedness & antics take my breath away. They don’t hide it in the HoC or in committees but we will see less display of it during the campaigning, have to get those votes. After the election it will be back to the brutal, nasty words & dispositions & actions as well, no matter if they win or lose.

  6. Fixed election dates are an Americanism and will lead to continuous electioneering. If you know when the date is, you will beging running as early as possible – perhaps even continuously.

    It is a lazy way to run a representative democracy.

  7. ATY, true and that is why I did not like Bill C-16.

    This Bill was introduced and many/most Connies backed it. There is something moronic about Harper playing around law once again.

  8. In a way though, it’s vaguely poetic.

    Harper’s first act as Prime Minister was to break a promise when he appointed Michael Fortier.

    Fitting that his last act is to break yet another.

  9. Thus all the cynicism on politicians. But it seems to me that Harper & gang are more blatant with the lying & flip-flopping – or more of it than usual.

    The thing with Conservatives is that they flip-flop on positions that should have clear to them at the time they articulated them. They defy common sense with such lofty and noble and largely mystifying rhetoric at the time, which makes them look even more foolish when they backtrack.

    The famous flip-flops of the Liberals, particularly with regard to the GST and free trade, were in fact based on prevailing wisdom from experts that came to light at the time; most mainstream economists proclaimed that free trade was “holy and good” and that consumption taxes were superior in terms of generating government revenue in that they rely on persuading consumers to exercise their choices differently, as opposed to just skimming more money of off their income. All of this was in the context of resolving Canada’s debt crisis that, according to the propaganda at the time, was shortly going to plunge Canada into 3rd World status and force us to go begging to the IMF (notice how, for the past few years, massive debt doesn’t seem to cause the financial experts as much concern…funny, that).

    If a flip-flop is a legitimate change of direction based on new information or changed circumstances, I don’t have a problem with that. That’s how most sensible, reality-based people react.

  10. This is one of the ingenious aspects of the Westminster System.

    Hear, hear. It’s particularly telling that George Bush, in response to criticism of his administration’s lack of accountability, claimed the 2004 election was the moment of accountability. So that’s what fixed terms mean; you poll the electorate on one day every four years, and then you get to do whatever the hell you want…including, most egregiously, jerry-mandering the judiciary.

    I’m sure their behaviour would be highly circumscribed if they knew the whole enterprise, pretty much from top to bottom, could be thrown out at any moment.

  11. And over in Guelph…

    Harper’s henchmen out to intimidate and harm Liberal supporters, Mugabe-style?

    Vandals Endangering Lives

    Car brake lines cut, politically motivated comments spray-painted on houses

    August 30, 2008
    Rob O’Flanagan


    Vandals spray-painted the word “scum” in blood-red letters on the front wall of Frank Maine’s Sherwood Drive home and lives were endangered when four vehicles had their brake lines cut overnight yesterday.

    Maine was not the only Liberal party supporter whose property was stained with anti-Liberal graffiti, in what Guelph Police are calling “numerous cases of malicious damage and mischief incidents” throughout the city.

    On top of brake lines being cut, two other vehicles had graffiti scratched into them.

    At least 10 homes were attacked, including Maines’ next-door neighbour and others in the northeast Guelph neighbourhood. Some homes in the city’s south end where also struck.

    It appears only residents with Liberal Frank Valeriote byelection signs on their lawns were victimized, and some graffiti was decidedly pro-New Democratic Party. NDP candidate Tom King angrily denounced the vandalism, and likened it to an act of hate. Valeriote called it “voter intimidation.”

  12. I am not bothered by breaking the fixed election day promise. I AM amused by the way so many BT’s are contorting themselves in a vain effort to avoid accepting the reality that Harper is, in fact, breaking an election promise.

    I agree with RT – the reason these broken promises seem so much worse is because they have been so sanctimonious about it all.

  13. I AM amused by the way so many BT’s are contorting themselves in a vain effort to avoid accepting the reality that Harper is, in fact, breaking an election promise.

    It’s never the crime, so much as the cover-up. It’s like that with every last thing the wingnuts do. It’s like dealing with teenagers. All. The. Time.

  14. It’s like dealing with teenagers.
    That is too kind – more like mentally defective assmonkeys….

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