Crisis? What Crisis?

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to call an election, but why is Stephen Harper calling for “crisis-atmosphere meetings” to force the issue? Seems a little desperate, if anything, especially considering there was talk earlier in the summer about parliament being prorogued until November…

Too bad the Conservative party doesn’t invest this much brain-power into actually solving the country’s problems and governing instead of endlessly scheming of ways to hold onto power.

Update: Not that Harper’s bullshit artistry was ever really in question, but this latest bit of weaseling over breaking his fixed election date promise should put to rest any lingering doubts in that regard.

16 Replies to “Crisis? What Crisis?”

  1. Another Harper ‘House Of Cards’?

    During the August 11, 2008 HOC committee hearings into the Conservative “In and Out” 2006 election financing scheme, Liberato Martelli, a long-shot Tory candidate running in the Montreal Island riding of Bourassa, had more shocking, but apparently glossed over, comments about Conservative financing, as related by blogger “Liberal Arts And Minds” (or “KNB”).

    “Now, we’ve heard for an awfully long time that the Cons are just swimming in money. Martelli made a quick mention that he had phone canvassed 100 people in his riding that supposedly had paid for memberships, thereby making a contribution to the party. His findings were that only 1 of these 100 people had actually done that. He found that odd and he also found it odd that the Cons had so much money. After his experience, he connected the dots.”

    “I don’t know if this is a House of Cards about to fall down, but I do hope that people smarter than me will look into exactly where the Conservative Party of Canada has received it’s oceans of money.”

    “It was a quiet part of the testimony, but it should not go unrecognised.”

  2. You know, I just can’t stop thinking they know something is going to hit the fan big time.

    At first I thought it was more fallout from the in and out thing. But I don’t think that is it unless there is something more. I hear knb has a post about some former Tory candidates commenting they weren’t convinced all the campaign funds were valid since they had called supporters who had supposedly given funds, but the person then said they hadn’t (?) Now if something like that came out for real, that would be huge.

    More likely, though, I think they are getting all the signals that the ruling on the tape is about to go against them and that it will be allowed to be used in court and in advertisements.

    I think they realize they could sink like a stone if things work against them. They thought they’d be able to get their election last spring but that failed. And then they hoped they might be able to create enough smoke and mirrors and legal contraptions to continue to push things back.

    So my bet is they have realized that isn’t going to happen on at least one front. They want this election started now so they can avoid the crap coming down the pike.

    If my thinking is correct, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper doesn’t beg for an election by the end of the week, citing this faux “meet RIGHT now or its over” act.

    Of course, if Dion “texts” him (“luv u bro”), he’ll claim it isn’t good enough anyway.

    Bottom line – Writ will fall even prior to Sep 5 because the Cons can see the train coming.

  3. I agree with joseph – the writ will fall asap.

    Harper is actually scared to wait until after the by-elections.

  4. Let us “pray” that Canadians have the collective common sense to send Deceivin’ Stephen and his Despots into “purgatory.”

  5. Mr. Harper should be reminded that in September 2004 he signed a letter to then GG Clarkson asking that she refuse to dissolve parliament should Martin engineer the defeat of his minority government. – It was a joing letter signed by Harper, Duceppe and Layton.

  6. I agree with Joseph…..really what’s a couple of weeks? If Harper feels the Liberals, et al will bring him down when parliament resumes – what’s the rush?

    I hope the hell our so-called MSM will smarten up.

  7. The Writ will fall Sept 5 to 7.
    The house will not come back Sept 15
    MP’S have been told to clear their schedules that would have taken place after the return of Parlament.

  8. Dion Slams Harper For Election Posturing

    ‘It’s full improvisation, it’s full panic,’ says Liberal leader

    Meagan Fitzpatrick, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Mr. Dion said he offered to meet Mr. Harper Tuesday, but the prime minister said no; however, Mr. Harper then later changed his mind but by then the Liberal leader’s agenda was full.

  9. It really is staring to sound like a bad chat session, as Jeff (BCer in Toronto) described it today:

    HarperPM1: Will u vote my balls?
    DionLib: Eww! ROTFL. Wat?
    Harper PM1: Bills!
    DionLIB: Wat bilz?
    HarperPM1: My bilz!
    DionLIB: MayB, will c. 🙂
    Harper PM1: Not good enuf! Election!
    DionLIB: WTF? Need more 411.
    HarperPM1: Election now!
    DionLIB: OMG, seriouz?
    HarperPM1: Take u down!
    DionLIB: LOL watevr.

  10. What’s really funny, is the photo on The Globe & Mail web page. Harpers’ nose looks like it has been photoshopped.

    Caption: What, me lie?

  11. Harper knows that there’s no majority out there for his party.
    So this is all about survival.

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  13. Red, I think you got it right this time on this subject.
    We need an election, we want an election but Harper deserves to be well “raked over the coals” for this reversal.

    Note the quotation marks …. not like a photo with bullet shots all around, eh?

  14. Joseph,
    There will be no ruling anytime soon on the Cadman tape. The ‘first’ hearing isn’t until Sept 22, and the Liberals defence is in challenging the constitutionality of the libel suit, yah know how long that kind of challenge takes.
    The tape authenticity has yet to be proved too.

  15. The tape authenticity has yet to be proved too.

    *snicker* Wingnuts are so cute when they start talking about authenticity. Don’t they know that such a thing depends on facts and evidence, which, of course have a liberal bias.

    Shillson knows full well that any evidence exposed that supports the authencity of these tapes will be used by the Conservatards to…

    …ah fuck it. We’ve been there so many times, it’s not even worth commenting on.

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