CFAC Deep in “Goofball Territory”

Good on Colby Cosh for mercilessly flaying the wingnutty Canada Family Action Coalition (“Dr.” McVety’s political action committee), in the pages of the National Post this morning for its “ludicrous attack” on Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin.

CFAC’s letter of complaint is a bizarre document even if one overlooks the sheer improbability of having a Chief Justice cashiered over some supposed act of jiggery-pokery involving the Order of Canada. CFAC’s Web site, whereupon the hyperlink to the letter is currently broken, has marshalled “42 organizations” in support of their missive; eccentrically, the “organizations” include several small businesses (Can Am Fabricating and Welding stands strong in favour of life!) and at least one private citizen.

Its arguments, rest assured, are no less weird. The Constitution of the Order states that a member may be terminated if his conduct marks “a significant departure from generally-recognized standards of public behaviour which is seen to undermine the credibility, integrity or relevance of the Order.” According to CFAC, Morgentaler’s years of challenging abortion law are obviously in violation of “the norms of society”: Ergo, the Chief Justice of Canada must be fired. It’s simple logic, people!

Go read the whole thing. It’s really quite delightful.

11 Replies to “CFAC Deep in “Goofball Territory””

  1. If there had been similar, fact-, logic- and reason-based critique of “Conservatism” over the last seven years, I wouldn’t be as radicalised against them as I am now.

    Oh well. Too late.

  2. Although I’d say the National Post newspaper rarely deserves any “praise”, this may be one exception.

    At least they’ve taken to rightly describe nutbar McVety and his CFAC as residing in complete “goofball territory.”

    Now if only they could admit that Harper and his abhorrent CONS also revolve within the same sphere.

    After all, McVety is Harper’s “spiritual advisor” and has the “ear” of a number of his “ministers” and sycophants.

  3. Yes, letting you slip away, Ti-Guy, was a huge blunder.


    Nice to see you’re as capable of the personal attack to avoid addressing the issues of substance as any of your less sophisticated fellow travellers, Peter.

    The list of issues “conservatives” have been obsessing over that have escaped critical examination in the last few years is almost endless, and it’s people like you, who spend most of their time challenging non-“conservatives” out of sheer bloody-mindedness (and perhaps residual anti-Marxist trauma from the Cold War) whom I hold responsible.

    This ridiculous anti-abortion campaign, based on pseudo-science, manipulated public opinion and exaggerated public support has been going on for quite some time now. It could have been robustly challenged by real conservatives long ago and replaced with a genuine conservative discourse to challenge abortion; the one that’s centred on self-respect, responsible sexual behaviour and rejection of sexual libertinism and support for commitment. That wouldn’t change the legal situation with regard to abortion in Canada, but it would be a discourse the rest of us could at least respect.

  4. Funny that the National Post can run this excellent piece, while the Globe still calls McVety “Dr.” and treats him as a serious player.

  5. They seem to be permanently associated with the user (based on their IP# I guess). It’s a standard feature of WordPress, or at least the latest version of it. Sometimes they’re a good match.

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