No More Heroes

As part of the relentless campaign by so-called “conservatives” to mangle, pervert and utterly debase the English language, this is to inform you that the word “heroes” is now dead. It no longer has any meaning whatsoever.

Most not-completely-insane people may have thought the word was reserved for truly great and noble figures of one sort or another like say Einstein or Nelson Mandella, or perhaps even applied to men and women of the military serving in harms way (especially those having made the ultimate sacrifice) and the brave individuals who daily put their lives at risk keep us safe from danger or provide rescue services.

But no! In the Bizzaro World of Sandy Crux, the term “Heroes” includes ignoble slugs like Richard Evans, batshit crazy lunatics like the heroically anonymous “Canadian Sentinel” and clueless, hyperventilating Islamophobes like Paul at “Celestial Junk.” Funnily enough, even Ms. Crux is listed as a “hero” on her roster of right-wing cranks and witless keyboard commandos! Heroic arrogance and self-promotion one might say.

Well, I think that tells you all you need to know about the veracity of what’s laughably referred to as the “accomplishments” of the Harper government that CC’s favourite “fellatrix” is tirelessly flogging on the wingnut-o-sphere (in spite of Harper claiming that the government’s inability to get anything done in our “dysfunctional” parliament may be the pretext for an upcoming election).

12 Replies to “No More Heroes”

  1. I think she means “heroes” in that special ed, “everybody gets a trophy” kind of way.

    Anyway, she certainly disabuses anyone of the illusion that with age necessarily comes wisdom. She is astonishingly immature.

  2. I doubt she meant it that way, however.

    Neither to I. But she’s become so loony lately I’d hate to see what she might do if further provoked. Start putting up links to Stormfront and calling them freedom warriors, perhaps?

    What the fuck was OISE thinking?

  3. People on all sides of the spectrum toot their own horn a little too much I find, their are few if any vocal people out their that don’t, as those who most believe they are in the right stand to be the vocal ones….oh how it would be nice to see Parties get along and actually make progress on things, but I guess the ideaology is just to different.

  4. …which is why Red Tory is on my list.

    That’s odd. One of Red‘s heroes once said, “He who calls a spade a “spade” should be made to use one”. But it’s all good.

    About your list: does Red come before or after Nelson Mandela?

    Kidding. Actually, Red’s on my list too. Mind you, it’s a long list, and it includes myself. And I come first.

    Oh, Ti-Guy’s on it, too; I like to be inclusive, estie d’tabernac

    As it happens, I’m going to have to say some nice things about Red at my place, since I’ve been “memed” by Dr. Dawg. Like most bloggers, I’ve lost the ability to say nice things about anybody, so I’ve got one of my people working on it.

    It shall have to be “pithy”, of course, if it’s to live up to the way some stranger named Matt Bondy rather vacuously described my own writing during the course of a cringingly gauche attempt to make me link to his site (poor man must be unaware that my daily traffic roughly equates to the number of extant Titanic survivors who hold the Bulgarian welter-weight kickboxing championship belt).

  5. heroes are much the same, the point’s agreed,
    from macedonia’s madman to the swede.
    the whole strange purpose of their lives, to find
    or make an enemy of all mankind.

    pope musta seen sandy’s blogroll….


  6. Can we help it if we appeal to an elite?

    Don’t you despair sometimes that the élite is comprised now of people who either make sense or can recognise it precisely when it concerns issues that are overwhelmingly straightforward? And that that demographic is astonishingly tiny?

    I was over at Macleans today, marvelling at how a “journalist” (I believe) is all a excited that someone in the media has finally pointed out the obvious with regard to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s fixed election date dodge.

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