Hapless Posturing on Crime

It’s kind of sad to see the Minister of Homeland Security, err, Public Safety, pedaling another ill-conceived “law and order” scheme designed to pander to the segment of the public that will forever be terrorized by unseen threats to their personal safety no matter what this government, or any other for that matter, might do, or not do, about the problem of crime.

Flogging the Conservative party’s latest initiative under the rubric “Tackling Crime” (or “attacking” crime en français) Stockwell Day had this to say:

We’re not looking at this in a punitive way. We want to see people, if they’re going to be in jail for a number of years, let’s get them in a training program, an apprentice program, maybe work towards a journeyman’s certificate, some type of occupational standard that, when they finally are released from prison, they have some way of taking care of themselves, rather than doing that illegally.”

Surely Day couldn’t be so obtuse as to be unaware that to his base, “attacking” crime should be looked at “in a punitive way”? In fact, the more the better!

If the Liberals had trotted out some lame kind of “occupational therapy” program like this for inmates, they would have been mercilessly excoriated. So what gives? Are the Conservatives going “soft on crime” now to get that mushy-middle of the vote? I’m very confused.

Oh look! One of the “Blogging Tories” dopiest slackwits is stepping up to the T-ball plate now to take a swing at this nettlesome issue…

19 Replies to “Hapless Posturing on Crime”

  1. Did you notice that right beside Doc Roy’s blog on making them bastard criminals work, he has a pin-up photo of the right’s fav crook, CONrad Black.

  2. Good to see old Dr. Roy supports slave labour – after all, locking someone against their will and then making them submit to forced labour is just that – slavery.

    Again, with crime falling, how can these clowns even say “tough on crime” without laughing.

  3. dpat — Ah, the irony. Actually, that didn’t register with me, but of course, in dr. roy’s mudfortunate world of whackiness, Lord Connie wasn’t “guilty” of a “crime” — besides, rule of law is just for the peons, not the gentry.

  4. Mike — Because, as I said, they’re just pandering to that part of the public that is always in a state of panic about crime despite any statistics to the contrary. And when you point that out to them, they’ll have a raft of lurid stories and anecdotal tales of victims wronged by the system, degenerate punks who got an easy ride, blah, blah, blah.

  5. Did Stockboy Day meet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona and hero to all “tough on crime” retrogrades? Or did he get one of those bogus chain e-mails (with the fake Royal Canadian Legion endorsement and logo)?

    Anyway, setting this prison labour precedent will help with the privatization of Canada Correction Services down the road. I hear some of those private institutions down south are making off like bandits.

  6. Dr. Roy – ah, yes….his inspirations are crook Dick Morris, flake and partisan Ann Coulter and has-been comedian Dennis Miller. He hangs on their every word.

    The US prison system is bursting at the seams. Conditions are deplorable because they are taking in more prisoners than their capacity to do so. Crime in the US is rising frantically – and yet, the Harper CPC’s want to use the US crime package…yup, makes a lot of sense to copy something that is failing.

  7. I am not sure I understand. Is he suggesting he is going to mandate prisoners take programming, or is he saying he is going to force them to work.

    Most prisons already offer job skill training, so that is nothing new. Of course, with the expected increase in prison population resulting from the increase in sentences, these programs are only going to be more costly. Mandating every offender to participate is not going to work either, given the percentage of inmates with significant cognitive deficits:


  8. This program makes no sense to me at all. On the one hand Day is talking about “work” and then he’s referring to “training” programs, which as you said, is nothing new… so what is it?

  9. Whooee! Hug-a-Thug-a-Day’s goin’ soft on criminals. Maybe they can all go to law school on the taxpayer’s dime an’ then they can shyster their crooks-in-arms outta jail. What’s wrong with hangin’ ’em by their thumbs? Where’s the lash when we need it? Send ’em back where they came from with their funny names and multiculti outfits. Put the crooked gangsters in the army and use ’em fer Osama bait. Save our money fer educatin’ little girls in KarzaiVille.


  10. RT – If by “stepping up”, you mean falling dutifully in line with the CPC, then yes, dr. roy is stepping up. When I clicked on your link, I noticed that directly underneath the good doctor’s post was a google ad about season 3 of “Prison Break”; another mudfortunate coincidence for Her Majesty’s Nitwit.

  11. Ah, gotta love Google’s “Ad[non]Sense” sometimes. I tried it out for a month ages ago and couldn’t stand it. I remember writing several posts about far-left moonbats and got ads for all kinds of “occult” businesses for weeks afterwards.

  12. Folks,

    and I really mean that,

    Am I reading that you guys are against rehabilitation and work training? or is that just my warped non-Liberal Party of Canada (the Natural Governing Party!) mind is playing tricks on me.

    Cuz I’m sure you were making fun of Day because he said something other than “throw away the key”.

    Must be my mistake… or have your simply abandoned productive thought and moved directly to ridicule?

    I guess Stock Day should just put on a clown nose and be done with it.

  13. You’ve been awfully imperious and scolding lately, Tomm. Are you going through menopause?

  14. “Am I reading that you guys are against rehabilitation and work training?”

    nothing gets by you, tom.

    what. a. dick.


  15. “have your simply abandoned productive thought and moved directly to ridicule?”

    shove that up your ass, get colon cancer and die from it, tom. the world will be a little less miserably stupid for it.


  16. I guess Stock Day should just put on a clown nose and be done with it.
    For all his “posturing” it would make no difference to be honest.

    Tomm, I’d bet in Doris Day’s world what he calls “rehabilitation” will likely be having prisoners work for 2cents an hour and letting private industry profit…

  17. I’m not averse to this idea, but I wonder whether it’s very fair to hand out the value of education and apprenticeships, when law-abiding citizens have fought tooth and nail to survive the financial hardship of achieving the achievements on their own merits.

  18. Tomm — I’m making fun of Stock because his approach to “attacking” crime is a confusing mess. He’s talking about “work” out of one side of his mouth and “training” out of the other. Well, which is it? Like I said, if the Libs had proposed something like this, it would have been slammed as “occupational therapy” (or something like that) and they would have been mercilessly ridiculed.

    I have to say that most of the Conservatives’ scary “law and order” agenda comes across as pretty feeble stuff to me. All tough talk, no action. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of substantive “meat” in anything they’re putting forward. A little pilot project here, testing something there, pushing for mandatory sentences without any real plan about dealing with the long term implications of it. The whole thing strikes me as being an incoherent muddle.

    It’s like the desperately want to keep the issue alive somehow or other because they think it’s a divisive “wedge” issue or something, but don’t really have a clue how to actually “tackle” it. Besides, in most cases, the Liberals and NDP have been quite happy to acquiesce to what they’ve put forward so far.

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