“Doctor” in the Nuthouse

According to a story in the Globe & Mail this morning, it seems that the self-styled “Doctor” Charles McVety, an inveterate fabulist, extreme right-wing political activist and evangelical “Christian Zionist” (or whatever name his creed’s brand of God® goes by these days), is “unimpressed” by the fact that Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (who is a real PhD., by the way) didn’t actually cast a vote in the controversial appointment of another Dr. (another real doctor) Henry Morgantaler to the Order of Canada.

“If Canadians cannot count on non-political, non-ideological justice from the Supreme Court of Canada, it compromises the whole justice system,” said McVety, proud owner of an honorary doctorate from an unrecognized “Christian” university cum diploma mill, “president” of the Canadian Family Action Coalition lobby group, and reputed confidante of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is also an evangelical Christian.

Ah yes, “Dr.” McVety wants judges on the bench that are “non-political” and “non-ideological”… And if you believe that, well, then I’ve just been elected to my 10th term as President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Bonus “Doctoral” Idiocy:
In a bitchy letter to William Thorsell, the CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum from March 2008, “Dr.” McVety writes, “The exhibit displays the legacy left by Darwin. Does it only display the positive or does it also display the negative? i.e. Hitler, Lennon, Mao, etc.” Who knew that John Lennon was such a monstrous figure of evil incarnate?

Update: Dawg puts the hammer to the Globe & Mail for its appalling coverage of the ridiculous antics of McVety and other “conservative Christian” political activists.

So there we have it: a whole slew of Potemkin village false-front organizations signing a complaint submitted by an evangelist with a fake doctorate. Come on, Globe. Is none of this worth a mention? A Stephen Harper favourite speaking in (forked) tongues? Or — a wicked thought — are the professional scribblers on Front Street not even aware of it?

Sad to say, that may well be the case.

19 Replies to ““Doctor” in the Nuthouse”

  1. I think we should start worrying…now…that the media is not going to do its job and report, as a matter of public interest, on the variety of ways “Conservative” propaganda will infect public discourse in the coming election.

  2. Mazel tov, Red! Lulu, you could be Secretary of State with your new shoes. PSA, you could be Minister of Cultcha!

  3. Ti-Guy — I don’t see that worrying can do much good.

    You’re right. Time for molotov cocktails.

  4. Just how close to the PMO are these guys? Also “Christian Zionists” are really really scary. They WANT to cause a big ol’ shooting war in the Middle East so Jesus can come back.

  5. His position isn’t that much different from that of Rev. Haggee in that regard.

    As for closeness to the PM, I’ve heard it said that he “has his ear” but I don’t know if that can actually be substantiated.

  6. RT as Director of Communications…that odda clear things up.

    I see Ralph Reed, Harper’s evangelical buddy, has reared his ugly head again…you know, Mr. Abramoff’s corrupt buddy – is involved with McCain’s campaign…fundraising, etc.

    Boy, you just can’t get rid of these cockroaches.

    Why doesn’t McVety understand that these judges are required to be on committees and the chairmen/women of these committees aren’t required to vote? Aha, get them impeached if you can so you can get non-partisan/non-idealogical right wing judges in.

  7. Why doesn’t McVety understand…

    Because he’s fat. Fat, fat…FAT!

    *sigh* That’s all I’ve got left…

  8. Maybe he feels that her presence somehow legitimizes the OoC process that he feels is hopelessly compromised by partisan “liberal” influence or… you know, I really don’t know and can’t even be bothered to figure out where he’s attempting to come from on this. Bottom line is he didn’t like the decision, it’s a great money-maker for him though in generating donations and whipping the fundies into coughing up more money to “fight” against “activist judges” yadda, yadda, yadda, so he’ll flog this for all its worth.

  9. And Further In Entertainment News:

    After having seen Dean Del Maestro’s performance as Perry Mason at recent HOC committee hearings, movie executives have taken note.

    As the Conservative MP for Peterborough is not expected to be re-elected in the forthcoming federal election, he will be looking for “alternative” employment.

    So, Montreal movie-heads are proposing that he take over the roll of well-known, but retiring, movie star Ron Jeremy (aka “The Hedgehog”).

    But, as the usual form of financing for these “straight-to-video” films is expected to be tight in the future, “non-traditional” funding is also being sought out.

    As a result, friend and fellow Conservative-supporter Charles McVety of the Canada Family Action Coalition has decided to “take action” and personally help with the financing.

    The entertainment – and evangelical – world is abuzz!

  10. Yes, and Conservatives are also particularly “excited” about the new channel’s recently announced, McVety-produced programs: “Harper Does Heaven” and “All Harper, All The Time.”

    Sales of Kleenex have skyrocketed 65% in Alberta since the “revelation.”

  11. Okay, I’m not nice. Why are so many conservatives fat…and I mean obese fat?

    Larry Miller, Dean Del Mastro, Jason Kenney, John Baird (sort of), James Moore…..I could go on, but there really is a lot of obesity in that crowd. I hope taxpayer dollars aren’t keeping those big guts.

  12. Why are so many conservatives fat…and I mean obese fat?

    They feel unloved, so they compensate with food.

    …except in McVety’s case. That’s snake-oil salesman fat.

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