5 Replies to “You’re Welcome”

  1. Well, not having deep pockets, most bloggers scam pictures from across the web quite freely and generally without proper attribution — which sometimes isn’t all that clear in any case when they’re arrived at second, third or fifty-first hand — so I’m certainly not going to get on my high horse about that. However, when it comes to “borrowing” an image that’s clearly from another blogger, it’s customary courtesy to at least provide them with some acknowledgment or a nod.

    It’s no big deal at all, just amusing more than anything, and if, as I said, he’d asked, I would have been quite happy to give him a better version of the pic in question. But Garth will be… you know, Garth.

  2. RT,

    I clicked and ended up on Garth’s site. Than I actually read a paragraph and then I scrolled down for a bit.

    That was nasty. I think I need a tums.

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