Paging McDonald’s

According to various reports, here’s the pre-competition routine of Jamaican Usain “Lightning” Bolt, the record-breaking winner of the 100 meters at the Olympics: “Woke up at 11. Had some lunch — some nuggets. Watched some more TV. Went to my room, slept for three hours. Went back, got some more nuggets, then came to the track.”

Can an endorsement deal be far behind?

Good thing for the loony “Christian news” website OneNewsNow that American sprinter Tyson Gay didn’t qualify for the 100 meters. Considering the name of one of the other runners in the race, Bronze medal winner Walter Dix, their amazingly dumb “autoreplace” feature might have gone berserk.

2 Replies to “Paging McDonald’s”

  1. That was some race.

    It sounds like he’s pacing himself to win a few more medals, and set a few more world records before he’s done. London in 2012?

  2. I missed it, but was hoping to catch it tonight on NBC.

    Yeah, 2012 for sure. Although he might have to change his eating habits…

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