“Personal & Professional Reasons”

So ends the political and professional career of one-time Liberal candidate Garret Oledzki. At least for a while.

Well, now we know why there was so much “mystery” surrounding the oddly “frigid” announcement the other week that he wouldn’t be running in the Saskatchewan riding of Palliser. What a dumbass.

Although I certainly wouldn’t expect any of the “Blogging Tories” who confidently asserted that Oledzki’s resignation was due to the “Green Shaft” (as these jokers like to call it) to admit they were barking up the wrong tree, I’d hope they won’t be too utterly predictable and might spare us the pious sanctimony of suggesting that this fellow’s unethical behaviour is somehow uniquely endemic to Liberals.

5 Replies to ““Personal & Professional Reasons””

  1. Well, that answers one of your two previous questions – the other being “what happened to Dave Batters?” Any news on Batters?

  2. Perhaps one should ask Janke, super sleuth. He investigates and knows all, he thinks

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