London-Centre Redux?

Pictured: Almost-all-candidates debate. (Kovach with protective headgear.)

Maybe there was some part of “all candidates meeting” that Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach didn’t understand.

As noted by Scott Tribe, this no-show and the lame excuses provided does seem a little reminiscent of the “peekaboo” campaign that the Conservative party hacks tried to pull off in London-Centre a while back. Although, unlike Dianne Haskett, I don’t believe that Kovach is a homophobic religious nutjob with strong ties to the Republican Party.

8 Replies to “London-Centre Redux?”

  1. I suppose I have to educate myself about Ontario MP`s when I head out to Laurier in like 17 days or something. I have a CPC membership (my MP here is awesome) but out there…I`m seriously pondering jumping in with the Progressive Canadians and voting Marxist-Leninist* for the hell of it.

    *of the two communist parties, these guys are stalinist if I recall.

  2. Ya, and they did so well in London too. I actually think it’s funny, the Cons political tin ear on display again. Please tell me how a frontpage story in the local paper, detailing your no show, will translate into more support? It was really a nothing “debate” in the grand scheme, the bigger ones yet to come, all Kovach did is elevate it to the frontpage. Good thinking brainiacs.

  3. They’re not usually earth-shattering events, but appearing to snub them (to use Scott’s word) doesn’t exactly help your cause.

  4. I’m sure Christian Conservative will have some lame excuse for her…if he has time. You know he’s busy bashing and trashing – a Christian thing to do.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that Bill Maher will be on Larry King Live…I believe Tuesday night. I guess he’s on to push his new movie – Religuous…should be good.

  6. I saw that. I don’t watch LKL all that much, but always try to catch the shows when Bill is on. I can’t wait until “Real Time” is back on the air.

    As for Christo-Conservative, last time I checked the redeemed one was spending his time making fun of the typography used on Valeriote’s ads and lawn signs because it makes it look like his name is “Frark” — so funny I forgot to laugh.

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