Harper on the Georgia-Russia Crisis

Perhaps I missed the statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Georgia-Russia crisis… Didn’t he take a break from his pre-election campaigning to declare, “Today, we are all ethnically Georgian South Ossetians” or something like that?

Cultural Imperialism?

Trust the comedians over at what’s left of The Western Standard, to crack wise about the Conservatives’ arts funding cuts. According to the ersatz magazine’s current proprietor, Matthew Johnston, it’s a good thing that the government has abandoned the “White Man’s Burden” and has ceased funding “cultural imperialism” around the world when they “scraped [sic] almost $15 million in funding” for the TradeRoutes and PromArt programs.

I’m assuming that this is satire, but one can never be entirely sure with folks that used to extol the glories of an unfettered free market while greasing the wheels of their own floundering operation with government subsidies through the Publications Assistance Program (they did however complain bitterly about having to make that fact public, something they called “offensive”). But never mind that; just for the sake of argument, let’s take Johnson at face value.

Does his contention that we should let “cultural ideas and products flow freely in an open market without the interference of government” in order that the “best ideas win” make the least bit of sense with respect to a regime like Cuba? I mean, it’s hardly like there’s an “open market” of ideas in that country, so this is just complete nonsense. Wouldn’t you think he’d actually be quite pleased that our government was helping in a small way to facilitate the “creatively subversive” efforts of our embassy in Havana by “bringing in experts to talk to groups of influential Cubans about how things work in free societies”?

I find the incoherency of wingnuts highly puzzling at the best of times and even more so when they’re trying to be funny.