Just Wondering…

What’s happening with Dave Batters, the Tory MP for the Saskatchewan riding of Palliser? He was hospitalized over a month ago for undisclosed (but “serious”) reasons “following an incident” on Canada Day.

The reason it came to mind is that Garry Oledzki just resigned as the Liberal candidate in that same riding with the rather unsatisfactory boilerplate explanation of “personal and professional reasons” offered up.

Is there something freakishly unusual about Palliser that’s particularly conducive to cloaking everything in mystery?

3 Replies to “Just Wondering…”

  1. Yes, this is rather strange. And why Oldedzki resigned with rather vague explanations is somewhat odd. Perhaps there is something “scandalous” in his past, or even the present which would hurt the Libs chances of possibly taking that riding.

    Maybe we will know one day.

  2. Or it could be nothing.

    Dave Batters interests me more. You’d think a more illuminating statement about his mysterious health condition would have been released by now.

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