Gloria Kovach Isn’t a “Trained Seal”

She’s a sock-puppet.

Sheesh! Don’t recklessly besmirch the good name of seals with your “disgusting mudslinging” you horrid meanie, Steve.

In future, when striving for a comical effect, might I suggest placing a picture of Ms. Kovach in front of a backdrop riddled with bullet holes. Apparently, “Conservatives” find that kind of thing absolutely hilarious. Or, you could falsely accuse her supporters of almost anything — like say, even planting a bomb — without the slightest shred of evidence at all, and then simply brush it off saying you were “just kidding.” Although, I think you may need to have been officially “redeemed by the shed blood of the risen and eternal Lord Jesus Christ” in order to get away with that particular sort of high comedy.

14 Replies to “Gloria Kovach Isn’t a “Trained Seal””

  1. The double-standards of these “freakin” idiots is unbelievable…& those that use their Christian faith as a “reason” to be further affronted is an abomination.

    My comment? GRRRRRRRRRR! – 😉

  2. Boy, the Tories sure are rough, tough cream puffs aren’t they? Dish out the dirt, by can’t take it….this is “weakness” for sure.

  3. huh. i missed out on the “lefty bomb scare” kerfuffle. gotta love his line about “lefties use misinformation and lies”, following his misinformative lie about lefties being behind the act.


    dumbfuck: “you should have read my comment on the UPDATE post from later this morning”
    rt: “Your update wasn’t posted when I made my comment.”
    dumbfuck: “if you’re referring to my update…. you’re the one who prompted it…”

    so dumb and dishonest, he could only be called “christian conservative”….


  4. ATY — Yes, yes… Perhaps I’ll try harder to find a more “edifying” way of expressing my profound contempt for the hypocritical whining of “Christian Conservative” next time.

  5. The whole political Blogosphere stinks – for the most part …

    Well, look at the at the material we have to work with….a government composed of….*copies and pastes stock phrase*…”fratboys, mean girls, rednecks, hicks, colons, fatwads and titsy ditzes.”

    …and Jim Prentice.

  6. Boy oh boy, Christian Conservative has his fruit of the looms in a knot.

    Try looking back on his prior rants and you will see that he gets a thrill out of anything negative about Dion and/or Liberals and drools at anything that attacks them.

    (he keeps this up and he won’t go to heaven – they will already know about his hypocracy at the pearly gates)

  7. I’d comment over there, but he’s one of these gutless wonders that deletes anything that he finds displeasing, so it’s a waste of time. Funny how he never addresses the fact that his precious candidate dodged the question that was directed to all of the candidates, fobbing it off to the PMO instead, which prompted the criticism in the first place.

  8. Well, keep in mind, they’re only doing it because they were told to. When liberals are mean, it might actually be legitimate!

    Can’t have that. That would undermine their carefully-built stereotypes of liberals as soft, easy, tolerant suckers. The cognitive dissonance would kill ’em.

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