It Pays to be a Hateful Racist

That would seem to be the take-away lesson from the purportedly successful fundraising efforts of Kathy Shaidle aka Five Feet of Fecal Matter™ — a website that astonishingly, now even features a monthly payment plan.

Evidently, there are “thousands of daily readers” who morally — and in some cases, financially — support the relentless slagging and demeaning of various ethnic minorities, the high comedy of chortling over the massacre of thousands of innocent Indian civilians (referred to wistfully as “the good old days”), the approval of systemic racial segregation policies, and the not infrequent diatribes expressing an outright hatred of Canada.

Not only do our fire-breathing, so-called “conservatives” appear to tacitly approve of this kind of disgusting rubbish through their perpetual silence, but there’s no shortage out there it would seem of ideological fellow travellers willing to actually fund its dissemination by forking over their hard-earned dollars to an exploitative harridan who quite cynically strokes their most base prejudices, hysterical xenophobia, and vile bigotry on a daily basis.

By the way, it should be noted that this shameless fraudster is soliciting funds under false pretences by claiming on her website that she’s “being taken to court for criticising Canada’s ‘Human Rights’ Commissions.” In fact though, she’s being sued for personal libel and not for her criticism of the HR commissions. Quite frankly, it’s a wonder that criminal charges haven’t been filed against her for obtaining “donations” by “deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means” in contravention of S. 380 of the Criminal Code.Maybe someone with a legal background might want to check into that…

12 Replies to “It Pays to be a Hateful Racist”

  1. What I found interesting was Kate’s response that she was already flush in donations, and asked donors to please refrain from sending any more money for her legal fund.

    Just… wow.

  2. I can not go into detail, but I can say for the record that I am a defendant in a law suit launched by none other than-hold your breath- yes maybe you guessed Ezra Levant. I am being sued for defamation for $100,000 for allegedly defaming Ezra Levant in a letter I wrote to Calgary’s Fast Forward newspaper in Nov 2007.
    I dont have pay pal as I dont know how to set it up, but I do need financial help. I am in debt now for over $5000.oo and I had to let my lawyer go as I cant afford to hire him to fight what I call a SLAPP suit.
    You can see the statement of claim here as Warren posted it at see below:

    Make your own decision if you think you want to help me out with donations or legal counsel.
    A trial has yet to be set and I am preparing for Discoveries at the end of August 2008.
    I promise this 100% any and all donations will be only used for legal counsel and costs and I will provide hard copies of all expenses for my case.
    email me at

    thank you and God bless you all.

  3. To be fair, the monthly payment plan does work out to be only $2 per foot, so, like, not that bad a rate if you look at it that way.

  4. I just have a hard time believing that Shaidle was making fun of the obese a few days ago.

  5. Richard of there is nothing that I posted above that shoud ire you? as its all true and as you always said truth is my defence.
    If everyone else can raise funds so can I. Furthermore for you to imply I am in cohorts with Warren Kinsella is absurd.
    Warren posted the statement of claim yes as its a public document filed in the courts. After all you like defamation court as its not hidden like the HRC’s right?
    To imply I am a Liberal is utter nonsense as it was I in Calgary who organized the “support the troops rally” that was attended by MP Jason Kenney and had greetings from PM Harper.
    So you are way off base there Richard. Maybe one day if and when you are unfairly sued in defamation court you will see it from my side? Maybe?
    Until then I can and wil post wherever I feel like it. I dont belong to the communist party thus I swear allegiance to no one.
    BTW Richard Ezra’s lawyer in his case against me is Robert Hawks, Hawks is the same Lawyer that was hired on to fight Rob Anders for his nomination and you want to talk about selling out?
    Richard you are a good guy, but truth must be told on these matters.
    What you posted is simply not true regarding what I wrote what I wrote what I wrote. Its a free country remember not just for you and Ezra, but for me too. Free from SLAPP suits and such.
    I dont want sympathy- I want justice!!!!

    Judge denies nomination delay in riding of MP Anders18 Apr 2007 … to delay a new nomination race in the Calgary riding held by MP Rob Anders. … but Robert Hawkes, lawyer for the disgruntled Tories, … story/2007/04/18/anders-judge.html – 36k – Cached – Similar pages

    This is what I refer to below from

    “Merle, Ezra is suing you because of what you sent to a POS leftie rag, based on your own personal grudge, which they in turn eagerly published without doing any fact checking. You had a chance to settle but you started to listen to Kinsella’s whispers and decided to fight. My respect for you dropped. I hate to say it but you’re nothing more than one of Kinsellas useful idiots at this point. He’s using you as a proxy in his fight against Levant.

    I’ve seen the comments you’ve left at Red Tory’s and Kinsella’s places. You’re welcome to jump into bed with whoever you want but if you try to gain sympathy here, it won’t fly.”

  6. oops sorry for the typo folks that should “read you are wrong on why I wrote what I wrote.”.

  7. “there’s no shortage out there it would seem of ideological fellow travellers willing to actually fund its dissemination by forking over their hard-earned dollars”

    These are people who had put their money in the old reform party KFC buckets & a do the same for the new conservatives.
    AND behind that is their church training — recall the old Bob Hope joke about a plane in distress and the call to “do something religious” — “so I took up a collection”.

  8. oh my there was a commercial for a new bus service in Calgary taking kids to school. In the commercial was a woman with what a appeared to be a head scarf of some kind,maybe a hijab?
    I think we need to warn the company that she could cause a bus accident as was “alleged” by a former well known writer for the Calgary SUN.
    Lets be preventitive before this jihadist crashes her bus eh???Better yet lock her up and write a blog about it and seek pay pal donations for the cause.

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