Links With Your Java

• More Conservative Party funny business on election campaign spending. The lawyer for Elections Canada alleges that the Tories illegally “shifted thousands of dollars in advertising expenses from two of its top Quebec candidates” to other candidates that had more “spending room” in their 2006 budgets. Let the pretzel twisting and tortured excuse-making begin!

• “Muzzles”? Makes it sound like there was something explosive or interesting in McCain’s whiny little rant. Come on National Newswatch… You folks can do better than this.

• Better than flowers and chocolates… Unless Maliki reverses himself, McCain is left jousting “with two prominent politicians over when and how to pull troops out of Iraq: Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki,” according to US Today.

• Whether Obama is “one of us” may be the question people will soon be asking according to Ben Smith of The Politico, who warns that, “His popularity in Europe, unmatched among American politicians, could hurt him politically, however, if rapturous foreign crowds are seen as emblematic of his purported foreignness.”

• Meanwhile, on “John McCain’s Fiscally Responsible Staycation” Bob “Douchebag of Liberty” Novak reports, citing sources close to the McCain camp, that the Arizona senior citizen may pick his running mate this week while Obama is overseas. Adding to the speculation, McCain will huddle with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal during a trip to The Big Easy later this week.

• So far, the Tories’ dodgy election financing and subsequent legal hissy fit over Elections Canada’s investigation has cost taxpayers over half a million. Yeah, but, but… AdScam!

5 Replies to “Links With Your Java”

  1. Apparently, the news that McCain may pick his running mate any minute now has been sent out on purpose to divert the attention away from Obama and that a running mate will not be picked until next month.

    Sign of desparation or what.

  2. At most you could say the NYT ‘snubbed’ McCain. But I detect a Repub push to get people talking about a media bias for Obama — which is odd after all the times reporters let McCain misstatements and whoppers slip by with barely a challenge.

  3. “McCain’s whiny little rant.”

    LOL, you silly little faggot. What’s next, accusing Fedor Emilianenko of being a whiner?

    You support a party comprised entirely of whiners: browns whining about racism, bitches whining about sexyism, faggots whining about not getting access to little boys.

    In short, your rampant faggotry disqualifies you from calling *anyone* a whiner, so kindly refrain from doing so.

  4. How very mature of you.

    Conservatives… unemotional, objective, logical, etc. just like Stephen Taylor said they were! Wowee.

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