Look and Learn!

On yesterday’s “Face Off” segment on MSNBC’s Race for the White House Rachel Maddow demonstrates how to shut down right-wing foreign policy talking points, here eviscerating every canned argument Noah Oppenheim had to offer about McCain’s supposed strong suit.

Here’s an especially good exchange:

Maddow: “Noah, when it gets down to concrete issues, and when it gets down to making a judgment call, I think if people are looking at Bush and McCain in deciding to go after Osama bin Laden by invading and occupying for five years a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 — or — actually going after Osama bin Laden where he is, probably in Pakistan, I think people will probably go with the latter judgment.

Oppenheim: “Are you suggesting an invasion of Pakistan?”

Maddow: “He hasn’t said he would invade Pakistan. He said he would go after Osama bin Laden where he is instead of outsourcing the fight against al Qaeda to General Musharraf who happily took our billions of dollars worth military aid and then gave al Qaeda and the Taliban safe haven in the tribal regions. So go after bin Laden or fight Iraq? I’d take the former.”

Come on MSNBC, give Maddow her own show already!

Oh, and just as an aside, Oppenheim, who writes for the arch-conservative magazine Weekly Standard used to be the Senior Producer of Hardball and is now the Supervision Producer of The Today Show. Curse that infernal “liberal media”!

11 Replies to “Look and Learn!”

  1. I have not heard one decent reason NOT to vote for Obama and I have been listening to Clinton, McCain, and Republican’s for a year now.

  2. Is the rest of the world waiting for America to recapture its “moral high ground,” (*snort*) or is it just hoping that the next president won’t screw up things as bad?

  3. Ti-Guy,

    I think the world has quit looking to the US for moral leadership and would just be happy if it stopped trying to find blunt force leverage in its international policies.

  4. I think people want to feel positive about America for a change.

    It’s delusional to feel positive about America when we know its systemic weaknesses are not going to be addressed anytime soon.

    When they finally manage to dismantle the CIA and reform its banking system, I’ll start feeling positive.

  5. Ti-Guy,

    Good point. I’m pretty annoyed by this “feeling good about America again” crap, myself. People said the same about Reagan, that he let Americans “stand tall” again after Vietnam etc and all that other rhetorical nonsense. Why should people get to feel good about the world’s preeminent imperial power?

  6. Strike “feeling good about America” then and say rather “Feeling not quite so bloody bad”.

  7. And what is it about Obama that has you all so excited?
    Is it his socialist/marxist outlook?
    His record of accomplishments? Yes, he did run some neighbourhood program in Chicago. And got elected . . . I think twice, once as a state rep, and he is a half-term Senator.
    How about his nutty pastor and his anarchist friends.

    I guess he has all the qualifications that appeal to a lefty . . . basically none!

  8. Didn’t Baby Bush say after 9/11 that either you’re with us (the US) or you’re with the enemy. If the Pakistanis do not want the US to go into Pakistan to get Osama bin Laden, then obviously the Pakistanis are with the enemy.

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