JAG Wants Harper to “Stand Up”

This is too funny for words:

“I hope that the prime minister of Canada finally decides to stand up and act like a prime minister of Canada and protect the rights of a Canadian citizen.”

Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler, Omar Khadr’s American military lawyer told the Canadian press that his client won’t get a fair trial. “Military commissions aren’t designed to be fair. They’re designed to produce convictions,” Kuebler said.

11 Replies to “JAG Wants Harper to “Stand Up””

  1. Yeah, but he’s a defence lawyer, and they represent icky people, so why should Harper listen to him?

  2. I have a feeling we have seen this before with the decisive Harper Admistration. They take a hardball stance at the begining that causes their base to thump their chests with pride, only for the PM to back down after public pressure starts to mount and causes considerable damage to Harper’s image. When Harper backs down and brings Omar Khadr home, the same base will continue to thump their chests, claiming that the strong and decisive leadership of Mr. Harper is a sight to behold.

    then again I could be wrong…

  3. Yeah, they’re almost as bad as those corporate trial lawyers!

    While I realize that he’s obviously not impartial, it’s still quite a remarkable statement to make.

  4. I had to go look that up. Maybe if you’d said “Harm” I might have got it — my mother used to love that show for some inexplicable reason.

  5. “Military commissions aren’t designed to be fair. They’re designed to produce convictions,”

    Well, I would say there is one US naval officer who will never reach the rank of Admiral.

  6. I agree with Ottlib, though, I find something familiar in the statement from my own past.

    I would not presume to know his mind and of course I could be wrong. But it sounds like the statement of a promising military officer who has been up against the wall for a while now and has probably reached the conclusion he no longer necessarily desires to achieve Admiral. The system is probably ripping to shreds any ideals or ambitions he once maintained.

    Doing what he can in this one case may be a way for him to try to maintain his humanity, and sanity.

    It could also be creative strategy to try to assist this client in the only avenue left to him given the roadblocks preventing any normal judicial proceeding, in which case kudos to him on his efforts. Hope it works.

  7. I don’t imagine too many JAGs aspire to be admirals (not even sure if they’d be eligible for that position based on their experience). They can however go on to become senators.

  8. It’s clear that Kuebler’s love of the camera has him on a path as a criminal trial lawyer outside of the armed forces. Khadr is his ticket to ride.

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